Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Wish

While we were in Washington I got a call from my 23 year old son who is a youth pastor in Orlando, Florida. "Mom," he said, "have you heard the big news?" By the excitement in his voice and the fact that we hadn't turned a television on in four days, I, of course, had no idea what he was referring to.

"No, what's up?"

"They just announced the Nobel Peace Prize winner and guess who it is?"

Instantly my mind turned to Glenn Beck, my favorite Mormon (long story but I do pray for his salvation!), but then I realized that there was no way he would win if there were any liberals on the committee. So, my second guess was Oprah, which would have really gotten me angry, so I jumped off that one quickly and moved to my third guess - Jack Bauer! But being a fictional character, that probably wasn't going to fly as well, so I bit...

"Nope, can't guess. Who is it?"


"What?" I stammered. He repeated it again and I must admit I was speechless (doesn't happen often). "Based on what?"

"Based on his potential to bring peace to the world."

Now, that should be enough to make all of us pause. This isn't going to be a political post. No, it's a post about Jesus. As believers, there is only One who can bring peace to this world. He's already laid the path to His Father by shedding His blood and bearing the Father's wrath, so He's already accomplished peace. Jesus is the only person I can think of who truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize - His peace is lasting. It is eternal. It is a done deal.

But don't forget, He's coming again. And when He does, He will deal with sin, usher in His millennial rule and show what a true leader looks like. Then the world will be given the opportunity to follow the true Prince of Peace. No human can fill this job description. Only Jesus. Kind of fun to think about...

So, my weekend wish for you is that you set your mind on the Prince of Peace and remember what He has done to earn this title. Next weekend, if you are joining us at the retreat, you will be saturated with the gospel message as a reminder of our power source for daily sanctification. Why not start early and spend some time thinking about the peace He has accomplished between you and His Father? It is truly a remarkable feat!

Thank you, Lord Jesus!



  1. I am shocked with you regarding who DID get the Nobel Peace Prize. And smile with you at the thought of Jack Bauer... But I REJOICE with you when thinking of the true Prince of Peace, and I long for his return.

    Thinking on that, I wonder if I prioritized my week in such a way as to glorify him and shine his light into the darkness around me? It has been a busy week, and some of that busy-ness has gotten in the way. How much of what I did this week could have been put aside in order to focus more on Him. I think I lacked some of the PEACE that should reflect who He is to me. I am praying personally for more gentleness to go along with my passion for truth. I think I will add to that more of His Peace. Not only for myself, but for many of my wonderful new friends at Harvest! I think that should be a challenge to all of us. To live in such a way as to be at Peace in Him, and to reflect His peace to those we touch all week long. Let it begin with me, at home, and at church, in the grocery store, the library, at the horse barn with the kids and their friends, on the road as I'm driving, get the point. A very special verse to me is Is. 26:3, "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you." WOW! It is a promise, but catch the condition... For me that means getting up earlier than everyone else in the house. Getting into the Word before the busy-ness of life begins. And when I do, what peace! Maybe not around me, but definitely IN me.

    I can't wait for next weekend! I love anything by Elyse Fitzpatrick. And am really looking forward to getting to know Harvest ladies better.

    See you there!


  2. Again Laurie - a beautiful testimony! If we truly walked around as living reflections of Christ in this world, imagine how easy it would be to pick out fellow sisters in Christ! A great focus and charge for the weekend...thanks!