Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Wish

Hi, Ladies!

I can hardly believe that it is Friday already! I trust your week has gone well. Beth and I are having a wonderful time here in Washington with our friend, Kathy (she's the one with the blog named "Overcomer"). We've spent hours talking about the Lord, playing cards and solving the world's problems. Tomorrow we are heading into Seattle for the day, which should be a lot of fun.

On Thursday, Kathy taught her women's Bible study on Psalm 19. What a wonderful Psalm! Get out your Bible and take a look at it today, if you have a chance. It is a familiar one. Kathy explained that the Psalm praises God for His general revelation (creation) and His special revelation (His Word). In her description of creation, she said it speaks a "global, voiceless language", gushing or spewing out it's message that God is glorious! As we have studied creation, reading through the beginning of Psalm 19 is a great reminder that God's message has clearly gone out to the whole earth - that He exists, that He is glorious and that He is worthy to be worshipped. This is also consistent with our memory verses - isn't it amazing how God orchestrates multiple areas of our lives to point to the same conclusion? Our study, Kathy's lesson, our memory verses...

Beth just called to me from the living room - she is holding Kathy's grandson, feeding him a bottle. She says "Hi!" and "Keep praying and learn your verses!" She had her mother voice on, so I think she really meant it...

One final note on Psalm 19 (though I could go on and on) - verses 7-9 lay out the value of the Word of God. In verse 7 it says that the "testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." This phrase stuck with me in light of our study. We know that if we stand for literal creation, we are foolish in the eyes of the world...even in the eyes of some believers today. But this verse tells us that the "testimony" of God is sure - scripture is God's testimony about Himself. And it is sure - it is reliable - it is truth. And it makes wise the simple. That word "simple" literally means open-minded. The picture is an open door, where information can come and go because you haven't made up your mind about it. It means that you are open to many different interpretations and are very persuadable. But God's word makes wise the simple - it closes the door. Closing the door is an act of discrimination - you no longer let every opinion have equal voice in your mind. The door is closed on that subject.

Because we know the Word of God is truth, we can close our minds on creation. We don't have to be simple-minded - we can be wise and stand confidently in our source of truth.

My weekend wish for you is that you will choose not to be an open door, but rather close-minded when it comes to God's Word. What a strange thing to say, but we don't need to be wishy-washy about what the Word says. We read it and take it at face value and know that it is truth. As you head over to church on Sunday, trust the Word - respond to it. Delight in it and glory in His holy name.

Give our families a hug from us at church on Sunday and I'll check in again with you all next week!



  1. HI Beth and Kristen - I am praying for a great time for you in the Word and in fellowship with all your sisters in Christ out there! It has been a busy week here, and I missed your last blog, so I am going to comment on both here.

    How do I practically glory in his holy name? One way is by rejoicing in the fact that we CAN confidently "close the door" on creation. Another is by soaking up the teaching and sharing in the praise at Harvest.

    God is so good! I know he is reaching out to all of us - just take a look at the beauty of the trees driving down US 31 or better yet, Lakeshore! Enjoy the fall harvest! A family trip to the orchards! A look at the Lake on a windy fall day! I can only imagine the beauty where you are - the mountains, the water, the trees!

    And then He also reaches out to me individually, showing vividly his presence in my life, and giving another challenge to repent, draw close to him, and even a promise that someday I'll be like Him!!! Who could ask for more than that? (Well, maybe to bring a few friends and family along with me??) But even in that I can glory in Him, knowing it is his work and not mine.

    Here comes an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning sunrise! There are a few fluffy clouds in the sky to reflect the colors, and a brisk fall temperature to make the air fresh!

    Have a great day priaising the Lord!


  2. Thank you, Laurie - such a beautiful testimony! We're doing great - ready to come home tomorrow...