Thursday, October 13, 2011

Piece by Piece

"And we know that God causes all things
to work together for good, to those who love God,
to those who are called according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28

When you hold just one piece of a puzzle in your hand, it's hard to see the big picture, right? This piece could be where the sky meets a grassy field, a part of a rainbow, or a tie-dyed tee shirt. It's not until the piece is put in its proper place that we are able to understand its part in the whole scheme of things.

As we study the Big Picture of the Bible, week by week we place another piece into the puzzle that contributes to the whole. It all started with God and His beautiful, perfect creation. We added Adam and saw that through him sin was now a reality in all our lives. Then came Noah and we saw that sin truly corrupts. We were then given a piece that revealed the heart and character of God - He would not destroy humanity because He had a plan for them, so He extended grace to Noah. But man quickly rebelled and refused to fill the earth, so God confused the language of man and forced them to obey. Again, grace, not obliteration - patience, as well. Enter Abraham, chosen by God for His glory, and given incomprehensible promises but also the faith to comprehend. Now He has a people and He will mold and shape them until the time is right to place His Son right in the middle of it all.

Piece by piece.

God knows the Big Picture - it's His picture. Can't you just see Him holding the next piece, waiting to put it in its place at the exact right moment.

You know, it's not just the stories of the Bible that fit into His puzzle. He holds the pieces of our lives, as well. Think back 2 years ago, or 5, or 10 - can you see all the pieces? Can you see God working in all the pieces, blessing, leading, maturing, disciplining - all for His glory?

Maybe right now you don't see the hand of God in your life. Maybe you feel like you are battling it alone. I'm sure there were times Noah wanted to quit and Abraham wasn't sure if leaving his family to wander in a strange land was worth it, but by faith, they both obeyed the word of God and left the big picture outcome in His hands. Be assured that you are never alone - God is omnipresent - He's always there. So be patient and wait for that next piece to be put in place - one day it will all make sense, but for now, just obey.

I'm loving the Emmaus Road Gospel - I'm loving every piece of the puzzle. I wish I had time for four lessons on each piece! But an overview is an overview. It is my prayer that this study sparks a flame in your heart to know Him more, to study His word more closely and to trust in His sovereign plan for your life more easily.

Remember, God is immutable - that means He never changes. So the same God you see in our study is the same God we have today, working all things for our good, for His purposes and for His glory.


  1. Hi, Kristen! This is Kathy Hall's other sister, the one who sounds like her but doesn't look just like her.

    Amen! Reading the Bible to form the Big Picture and inform your own big picture is so vital. Even though I grew up in church and minored in Bible at Biola, I did not read the Bible through from cover to cover until about 10 years ago. It took a few years on my first attempt. I'm now on about my 5th time through. Each time, the big picture gets a little clearer and God gets a lot BIGGER! The last time through, I cried every time I read that someone did not do what was right in God's eyes. It really bought home how stubborn we fallen humans are. But this time, I cry every time I read how God hears and responds even when the worst call upon His name! How patient and merciful God is!

    I strongly recommend to those who've never read the Bible through to invest in a One Year Bible, which has divided the Bible into daily readings. There are many translations available. I even now have one on my Kindle!

    Thanks for your post!

    <3 Betty Ann White

  2. I'm lovin' each new piece and I'm so thankful that you took all that time to study and prepare to teach all of us. Like Betty Ann, I'm constantly learning more and stand more and more amazed by God's AMAZING love! Thanks so much Kristen!!!! Love you.