Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Notes for Lesson 5

Lesson 5 – Abraham and Ishmael

Genesis 12, 15, 16

I. Abram – Genesis 12:1-3

· Why should we study Abraham?

o Genesis 22:16-18 – the seed of Abraham

o Galatians 3:16,29 – who are Abraham’s seed?

· The Call of Abram – the Abrahamic Covenant:

1. God will give him a specific ___LAND________

2. God will make him a great ____NATION________

3. God will _____BLESS____ him and make his name ____GREAT___

4. God will protect him from his ______ENEMIES________

5. God will bless the ___NATIONS_____ of the world through him – this is the promise of a Savior

II. The confirming of the covenant and the prophecy of Egyptian captivity – Genesis 15:1-21

· Background

· Abram’s salvation – v. 1-6

· What other biblical writers say about Abram’s salvation;

o Romans 4:1-8 – His salvation was based on ____FAITH___ - not works

o Romans 4:16-22 – Abram believed what seemed humanly ______IMPOSSIBLE______

o Galatians 3:1-9 – believing through ____FAITH_____ saved him

o James 2:14-26

· The covenant is ratified – v. 7-21

o God tells Abraham to gather:

1. A three year old ____COW___

2. A three year old female _____GOAT____

3. A three year old ___RAM______

4. A turtle ___DOVE_____

5. A young ____PIGEON____

o 3 types of covenants in the Old Testament:

1. A _____SANDAL_______ covenant – Ruth 4:7,8

2. A ______SALT________ covenant – Leviticus 2:13

3. A ___BLOOD_______ covenant – as seen here

o The seven-fold Prophecy:

1. Abram’s descendants would be _____STRANGERS___ in a foreign land (Genesis 46:2-4)

2. They would become _____SERVANTS___ in that land (Exodus 1:7-14)

3. The servitude would last ___400___ years (Exodus 12:40) “In the fourth generation”

**the actual amount was 430 and considered the equivalent of 4 generations, since men lived past 100 years then – 400 is a general number, most likely rounded off

4. God would ____JUDGE____ that nation (Exodus 7-12)

5. Abram would be ____SPARED_____ (Gen. 25:7.8)

6. Israel would return to the land after __FOUR_ generations (Exodus 6:16-20)

7. Israel would come out with great ______SUBSTANCE____ (Exodus 12:35,36)

III. Abraham and Ishmael – Genesis 16

· Sin of Arrogance – Genesis 16:1-4

o What Sarai did was ___CULTURALLY___ acceptable

o What else is culturally acceptable but contrary to God’s Word?

· The fallout – v.4-16

o Who is speaking to Hagar?

o He tells her to return to her mistress

o His Promise – I will greatly multiply your ____DESCENDANTS_____

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