Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Notes for Lesson 4

Lesson 4 – Flood and Tower of Babel

Genesis 6-11

I. Introduction to Noah – Genesis 6:1-13

· Nephilim – Who are these giants?

o Sons of Sethites and daughters of ___"Cain"anites_______

o Demon _____possessed men__________

o Angels

· Nephilim were ____mighty____ men and men of _______renoun______

· 100% words – the wickedness of men caused the Lord to regret creating – what a sobering statement!

· v. 8 – first mention of grace – Noah found favor/grace

II. Noah’s Obedience – Genesis 6:14-22

· Dimensions of the ark:

o 438 feet long (1.5 football fields)

o 72.9 feet wide

o 43.8 feet high

o 1,400,000 cubic feet (522 standard livestock cars - 125,000 sheep)

o 3 stories high - divided into rooms

o gopher wood

o pitch inside and out - "pitch" in Hebrew is the same word for
"atonement" - pitch kept the _____judgment_______waters out, Christ's blood (pitch) was the ____pitch/atonement_____ for our sins - keeps the judgement fire away

o one door into the boat

· The animals:

o Less than 18,000 species of animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians – total)

o Double that number with extinct animals of the fossil record

o 75,000 = male/female x 36,000 plus 3,000 for the "5-of-each-clean-animal" category – Brookfield Zoo has 2,300 animals

o 60% of the ark was potentially filled with animals - perhaps less, because "kind" is probably more general than "species"

o large animals would be young – babies most likely

o 1 million species of insects!

o The rest of the space was for food storage and living quarters for Noah and his family

· Further Obedience – Noah was ____thorough__ - Genesis 6:22, 7:5,9,16 – he did as the Lord commanded him

· What day did Noah enter the ark?

· The flood:

o Local or worldwide?

o The flood vs. evolution

o How did the flood change the world?

1. oceans more ____extensive_________

2. land ___less_____ extensive

3. tropical worldwide temperature was ___gone__ - polar regions developed including glaciers and an ice age (i.e. “snap-freezing of mastadons”)

**For more information on Ice Age – read Henry Morris, Remarkable Record of Job, pp. 29,30 and Ken Ham, The Answers Book, pp.12,13

4. mountain ranges ___appeared________- less inhabitable regions

5. wind, storms, rains, snows - _______harder___ existence for man

6. canopy ____protection_____of sun's rays gone - life span _shortened__

7. general ____instability____ of earth's surface - volcanoes, seismic activity increased

· After the flood: Genesis 8:20-9:19

o Noah’s sacrifice

o The Noaic Covenant:

1. Be____fruitful____ and multiply

2. Animals will now _______fear_____ men - Genesis 9:2

3. Animals would be_____food_____ for man (all) - v. 3 (do not eat/drink the blood - Leviticus 17:10-14 - blood = life)

4. ____Capital______ ______punishment______ is established – now government was necessary- v.5-7

o God promises never to ______flood_____ the earth again

o Reminder of the rainbow – I WILL REMEMBER – v.15

III. Table of Nations – Genesis 10

IV. Tower of Babel – Genesis 11

· Story of Nimrod – Genesis 10:8,9

· What was the purpose of the tower?

· What was God’s reaction?

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