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Notes for Lesson Six

Lesson 6 – Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Genesis 22, 32-50

I. A Passed Test – Genesis 22

A. The test is placed before Abraham – v. 1,2

1. God _____tested ___ Abraham

· Is this a test or a temptation?

· Better translation “prove”

· God tests us to produce __good____ in our lives

· How old is Isaac?

2. Love – this is the first mention of love in scripture

· Hebrew word is “ahab” (aw-hab) – means to have __affection________ for, love, like, friend

· Galatians 3 – shows Isaac as a ___type__ of Christ

· God sends Abraham to Moriah – II Chronicles 3:1 tells us that Solomon built the ____Temple____ on Mount Moriah

· Was it wrong for God to ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

B. Abraham immediately obeys – v. 3-10

· Abraham tells the servants that he is going to do two things:

1. ___Worship_____

2. _Return__ to you

· We are going to look at these in reverse order:

1. Return to you – Abraham had every confidence in the ___character______ of God

o Matthew 19:29 – what have we left?

o Matthew 25:31-40 - what have we done for Christ?

o Mark 8:34-38 – are we ashamed or do we have a boldness?

o What is faith?

2. Worship – how was this an act of worship?

o “shachah” (shaw-caw) – to prostrate, to __bow__ __down_, to fall down, to do reverence, make to stoop, to worship

o Example of Daniel

o How has our concept of worship changed?

o New Testament never uses the term “worship” in reference to Christ, however Christ was the prime example of worship:

§ Matthew 8:20 – “lay His head”

§ Matthew 26:39 – Christ conformed to the _will__ of the Father

§ John 19:30 – “bowed His head”

C. The Father Intervenes – v. 11-24

· Abraham has been proven – he passed the test!

o Hebrews 11:17-19 – faith proven by ____works____

o James 2:14, 21-24 – faith proven by ____works_______

· Why did God ask this of Abraham?

1. Obvious __type____ of Christ

2. To prove Abraham’s __faith___ to his people

3. John 8:52-59 – Abraham ____rejoiced____ to see MY day

· God provides a ____ram___ - God will provide a __Lamb__

· Jehovah Jireh - God ___Provides______

II. Jacob – Genesis 32:22-32

· There are three Patriarchs in the Old Testament – Abraham, ___Isaac__ and _____Jacob_______

· Who was Jacob?

· Wrestling Match – background

· Hosea 12:3,4 – Jacob wept and sought ____favor___

· Other pre-incarnate visits by Christ:

o Abraham walked with the “angel of the Lord” who spoke in the first person

o In this story, Jacob says, “I have seen God face to face…”

o Moses in the entrance of the Tabernacle

o How do we know this is Jesus?

· Jacob’s name is changed to ____Israel__ - means ____wrestles with God__

III. Joseph – Genesis 37-50

· The largest chunk of Genesis is devoted to the story of Joseph

· The 12 sons of Jacob become the 12 tribes of Israel

· Joseph’s sons are each given a portion – double portion to Joseph

· The story of Joseph places the children of Israel in Egypt, which is the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecy given to Abraham about his children in Genesis 15

· Story time - Brief synopsis of Joseph’s life:

· Theme verse for Joseph – Genesis 50:20

· Joseph is not considered a Patriarch

· Genesis 49 is Jacob’s prophetic blessing that he gives on his sons – v.8-11 is a key prophecy because Jesus comes through the line of Judah

What happens to the children of Israel in Egypt? Genesis 15:13,14

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