Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creative Thinking...

A day has passed since we gathered at church to continue on in our study of the Emmaus Road Gospel. Five weeks were spent in the book of Genesis and I feel as though I barely dented the wealth of stories and blessings that come from that book. So I had this great idea - what if I gave you a list of stories to check out on your own? God has blessed us with competent minds and wonderful imaginations, and we may as well put them to good use!

Below is a list of must-read stories from the book of Genesis that we didn't get to in our survey or that we touched on but I think you should read on you own. Grab your bible and a cup of something hot (October forces us towards warm liquids), and then quietly let your mind slip into the sandals of the characters and see God through their eyes. Some of the stories will make you smile - others will make you scratch your heads. Keep in mind the Eternal and Abrahamic Covenants as you read - their content will explain some of your questions.

But above all else - find God in these stories! Where is He? What is He doing? Why did He want us to have this story? What does this story teach you about His character?

I trust you will find some time over the next week or two to work your way through this list - enjoy!

Genesis 14:1-24 - The capture and deliverance of Lot, with a little Melchizedek thrown in at the end

Genesis 18 and 19 - The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 25:19-34 - The birth of twins and the selling of the birthright

Genesis 27:1-46 - The deception of Isaac by Jacob

Genesis 28:10-22 - Jacob's ladder

Genesis 33 - Jacob meets up with Esau again

Genesis 34 - The massacre of Shechem

Genesis 38 - The strange story of Judah and Tamar

Genesis 39 - Joseph in Potiphar's house

Genesis 40 - Joseph interprets dreams in prison

Genesis 41 - Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams

Genesis 42 - The brothers come for a visit

Genesis 44, 45 through 46:7, and 46:28-34 - Judah steps up and Jacob meets Joseph

Genesis 50 - Joseph's final request


  1. After reading about Judah and Tamar's twins being born, I see that this is the set of twins that had the scarlet tied on the wrist of the first hand that popped out. (Genesis 38:28&29) You had mentioned in class that that was Jacob and Esau and I didnt remember that being the case, I remembered Jacob came out grabbing not Esau's heel.(Genesis 25:25&26) Not that it's a big deal, but at the least it made me dig back into the stories and reread them. I know with all of your Bible knowledge it's easy to get story details switched about. I am loving your class Kristin, the fresh perspective on God's Word is so awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Brooke Campbell

  2. Yes, you're right, Brooke - thanks for the correction! I got in a bit of a panic, trying to fit in both those stories (Jacob and Joseph) and messed that one up...sorry!