Friday, October 7, 2011

Almighty vs. Kindofmighty

Many of us boldly proclaim that we worship God Almighty, but we live as though He is God Kindofmighty. I wonder why that is?

"You do what you do and you feel how you feel because you THINK what you THINK."

It all starts in the mind. If we truly believed God was Almighty, wouldn't we act like it? But our actions prove that we believe He is only Kindofmighty.

You see, God Kindofmighty, created all things but is not intimately involved with His creation. He is concerned about the big picture and has major events that He orchestrates from time to time, but the day to day is just not His thing. He loves His children but He is a bit unsure from moment to moment exactly who His children are. Thankfully He can see into the future and in the end He knows who will be His, however, every once in a while He has to pull out that big heavenly eraser and make a correction in His book of life. Sometimes His love just doesn't have enough pull to get someone all the way into eternity because after all, He is Kindofmighty.

Kindofmighty also is not overly interested in His children's daily choices, so they can get away with habitual sin. It is amazing how many know that they are being disobedient and yet rely on Kindofmighty's wonderful grace to forgive them when all is said and done. It's almost as if Kindofmighty isn't able to keep track of everyone all at the same time, so some of their sin can be inconsequential.

Kindofmighty also is not responsible for the natural disasters or major terrorist acts. It is very hard for His children to explain away these things, but deep down in their hearts they know that He's not involved because it would be impossible to defend if He was. After all, He's just as upset about sin as we are.

And finally, Kindofmighty has some sins He just can't pay the price for - some sins are too much for Him to overcome. His Spirit simply can't lead some away from their vices and His love is not quite enough to offer hope in extreme cases. But the good news is that most things He can help with, if someone really wants help. After all, He is Kindofmighty!

Is this the god you serve? One who sits on his hands and hopefully cheers on mankind to choose Him? One who overlooks sin and just extends forgiveness without any expectation of repentence? One who sits idly by as the world spins out of control? One who cannot give hope and help for even the most desperate souls?

If this is your god, then you don't know Jesus. Jesus is completely in control, completely involved, completely concerned and invested, and completely able to defeat sin and death! As followers of Jesus, we must live the truth of our God through our lives. We must be a light in a dying world. We must not live lackluster lives in bondage to sin, but ones who live in victory here on earth where the flesh still battles us on a daily basis.

Our Spirit is all powerful, Our Father is all-involved and our Savior is all in.

Our God is truly Almighty.

Let's live like it.

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  1. This was a really great blog. I think a lot of times we tell ourselves that we view God as almighty, but then we put limitations on Him—especially when it comes to believing that there are some sins He just can't forgive (whether their our sins or someone else's sins).

    Thanks for this!