Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Surprise!

Look at those shirts! And Norah gave us a little smile. So precious! Don't they look bigger?

No, the surprise is not that they are coming home, but rather when we arrived at the hospital today, the girls were together, with the tubes out of their noses and WE GOT TO HOLD BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!! Happy Valentine's Day to us!

The tubes were going to be replaced, but it was so fun to see them without any tape on their faces. A physical therapist stopped by and explained to us that eating is very much like walking. Most infants walk at a year - eight months is early and sixteen months is even within the normal range. Same with eating - 40 weeks is normal and 36 weeks would be early. The girls are about 36 weeks and 5 days. So, though they do drink pretty well, they won't really be old enough to have it down for a couple more weeks. That was a back door way of telling us we have a few more weeks before we should expect the girls to go home. It makes good sense and we are all fine with what is best for the girls!

Here is a wonderful family portrait...

And then it was GRANDMA'S TURN!!! - that's a lot of baby in one arm!

Next Grandpa got a turn - he handled it like a pro...

And then Lori came - I just love the smile on her face in this picture!

And then proud parents...

Have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. cute. love the first photo. they look big. they look like they have david's head in his photo. funny....very nice. what a nice Valentine's day..

  2. Hi, Kim! I am sure you know that Mom is coming this week - she is going to speak at my women's study next Tuesday - the day she leaves. She'll speak from like 9:30 to 10:45 and then run out the door. Do you want to open an hour late on that morning and come hear her speak??? It's going to be a lot of fun...

  3. Thanks Kristen I really enjoy the twin pictures. What a great Valentines Day for all of you!

  4. So so sweet to snuggle them side by side. They look very much alike, especially now that they are so close in size. It looks like Ashley is a little chubbier in the cheek. That's a lot of Valentine's Day love!! Mary's sweet smile and dimple...she looks so happy and rested. Cal, sorry pal, you look a little tired!

  5. Perfect valentines day gift, and those faces are so amazing, I love the little smirk on Norah's face, like she is saying, "finally I get to be by my sister".

  6. Precious pictures! Can't wait to see the ones with great-grandma. What a special day for everyone - God is so good!

  7. hi Kristen..thank's for inviting me. sound's great. i'll be there...

  8. Hi Kristen! Your mom passed your blog address on to me when the twins were born and I've so enjoyed reading about Cal and Mary's beautiful girls! Happy congratulations to you as grandma! I see from a comment up above that your mom is there - give her a hug and say hi! And thanks so much for hosting Dave last week! :)

  9. Hi, Connie - great to see you! We had a nice visit with Dave. It was a bit crazy with the super bowl and everything, but once everyone left, it was great to reconnect with him! I will pass your hug along...I'm going to post great grandma pictures this morning!