Thursday, February 10, 2011


What are some things that you do absolutely every day?

Brush your teeth

Get dressed



Use the bathroom

Hug your children

Take out the garbage

Feed the dog

Laundry or house cleaning

There are a lot of things we do daily. We understand the word well. Daily implies schedule and frequency. If I do something daily, I do it all the time.

This is not a hard concept then to understand in Luke 9:23. Jesus said, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross DAILY and follow me." The call to set aside our fleshly impulses, to stand with Christ so that others know for sure we are His, to walk in His footsteps is one of habitual frequency.

Every day.

Every day we need to be in His Word, learning about this God who loves us so.

Every day we need to be talking to Him, sharing with Him our concerns and bringing to Him our praises.

Every day we need to be His hands and feet, going to and reaching those in need.

Every day we need to feel the weight of His name when we enter unfriendly territory.

Every day we need to set our eyes on the things above by abiding in the True Vine, until it no longer becomes effortful, but second nature.

I mean, really, how many of us remember brushing our teeth this morning? We would never consider leaving the house without doing it - it's become a part of who we are. So let's make our call to deny ourselves and take up our cross just as common.


Simple word. Simple concept. Command from Jesus.


  1. Simple but so hard to make myself sit even for 15 minutes to read the Word. I pray much better when in motion but its a bit difficult to read while moving. Must work on this disipline, it is getting better with age!!!

  2. This morning I decided to sleep in instead of getting up early and having my quiet time with the Lord. I was having a rough morning and Ruh said, "You didn't have your quiet time this morning did you?" It not only effects me but my family too when I don't spend time daily with the Lord. I feel like this post was written just for me. :)

  3. Precious girl, Annie...thanks for your testimony. It is amazing how it affects our family, isn't it? How are you doing?? I can't believe Daniel is getting so big...and I love the curls!