Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can You Handle a Few More Pictures Today?

Hate to hit you with too many pictures in one day, but these just couldn't wait! We went back to the hospital today and here's what we found - Ashley and Norah in funky hats, asleep in their daddy's arms! Apparently people crochet little caps for the preemies and give them to the hospital. All the hats you have seen on the girls' heads were from this group and the girls will keep them. So when a new batch of hats come in, one of our nurses saw these and said, "Oh, the Wisen twins NEED these hats!!!" I guess the nurses say that they pull the prettiest hats for our girls every time...aren't they a hoot?

Very quickly the girls found themselves back with great grandma...she's a pro!

They got a bit wiggly and then settled back to sleep - I love this picture down below! So funny...

Can you tell who's who? Norah is more fair-skinned and Ashley is a bit redder, but as you can see, the color difference gap is closing...Norah has the white hat and Ashley is in the purple...did you guess right?

This is Norah with Mommy...she just snuggled right up and zonked...

Then Grandpa took her and he cuddled right up and zonked as well...can you see her tiny hand in his?

And finally, I was holding Norah before she was going to be taken back to her room for her feeding. I had her in my lap and I was talking to her and she was waking herself up. Dave grabbed my phone and caught this smile...I'd like to think it was our conversation that made her happy, but I think it was hearing her mom and dad laughing and talking in the room - a very comforting sound to her ears...either that, or she knew her afternoon snack was right around the corner...look at how beautiful, even with tape on her face...


  1. Oh don't you know I've loved every one of these pictures from the past few days?! Your mom looks so beautiful with the precious little girls...and I wanted to say that you look FABULOUS!

  2. There are never too many baby pictures :o) Especially when they're as sweet as these two. I love all the shots with everyone else in them, too (otherwise we would have to wait so long to see you all being grandparents, parents, or great granparents:o) And the shot of Dave with Norah's tiny little hand in his is simple priceless!) Can't wait to meet your mum tomorrow! See you in the morning.

  3. Love all your pictures! So so sweet! I am enjoying watching your beautiful granddaughters blossom! What an incredible blessing! Jeff and I are so happy for all of you! :)

  4. Bring on the baby pictures!! :) The one of Norah snuggling with Momma tugged at my heart the most. I think I need another baby. :) And the hats are simply fabulous!

  5. I know you want four boys, Annie, but I will be rooting for a girl... :) No, make it two girls!

  6. Hi, Cherie! We're having a great visit with's going to be hard for her to kiss the girls good-bye today! Thanks for stopping by...

    And Annie...I agree, you need another baby. Want me to send Ruh a note?

    And Kathy...if she could pull off the twin thing, she could get those two girls in one fell swoop!

    Love you all!


  7. I can't tell you how excited to be reading/seeing your blog. See those precious babies and seeing you and your MOM! Please tell her I need to give her a phone hug!! What a wonderful time for all of you. Just seems like yesterday it was my Jessica in the NICU.

  8. Feel free to send Ruh a note but I think you will find he is already very much ready to have another one! :) It's very cute how much he is looking forward to it. :)

    Mary looks so patient, sweet, and just the right woman for having TWO at once! If I did end up having twins (please no, please no, please no!) I would definitely pray I could handle as well as she has. :)

  9. And as a side note, Ruh said he thinks it would be nice to have a girl next. :)