Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Grandma is here!

My mother arrived late yesterday afternoon. After a nice dinner, we headed over to the hospital to introduce the twins to their great grandma! There were tears of joy as my mom looked in the little beds and saw the precious little girls that are a product of something she and my dad started over fifty years ago!

She is in until Tuesday and we have plans nearly every day to be with the girls. Between that and seeing her grand children, she'll be ready for a break when she returns home! On Tuesday morning, she is going to be my guest speaker here at the bible study I hold in my home. Everyone is welcome to join us - it's a great honor for me to have her here and to share her gift of teaching with my girlfriends. (9:30 a.m. on Tuesday)

Mom got teary again when we were leaving - she said it was hard to leave those precious dolls all alone in the hospital...we all understand, but have come to love and trust our nurses, so that it's easier to go. Before we know it, they'll be home...

Okay...more pictures to the way, that's Ashley with Great Grandma! Isn't she getting big? She's just under six pounds!


  1. What a gift -- so many generations living a legacy of faith and now the 2 littlest ones with such heroes to look up to. God is a mazing in His grace. Enjoy you mum! I look forward to meeting her on Sunday.

  2. Ashley has grown a bunch since I last saw her! Hooray!
    Ooh your mom is coming on Tuesday? Does this mean I can finally meet her? :)

  3. What a beautiful picture of your mother and that precious baby!!! I bet her heart was just swelling with joy.. Can't wait to meet her on Tues.