Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Babies Update

Yesterday Dave and I headed into Grand Rapids to visit our girls and we found them working on bottles. Basically, they are ready to go home except for the bottle issue. Once they develop the vim and vigor to drink 8 bottles a day, they will be released, but we're still a ways away from that. Here Calvin was working on Norah...she was dozing in and out. He burped her and handed her to me. I got the rest down, but it still wasn't overly impressive getting a dozing baby to drink a bottle. If you pray for my little granddaughters, pray that this sucking reflex will kick in!

Blurry picture, but more of a close up. Can you see the bruises on Norah's hands? That's a sure way to tell them apart for now...

And here she is in Grandpa's arms, sound asleep. The feedings wear her out. The good news is that both girls are now on the same feeding schedule (this is a big help for Mary) and they both, about 20 minutes before the three hour mark, started fussing and wiggling and acting hungry. This is needed - you don't want to have to wake them up to eat. You want them to feel the hunger and ask for food!

Here is little Ashley...Crashley...still sound asleep in her space ship. Such a precious face...

Before we left I snapped a quick picture of Norah - changed, clean, swaddled with her fashionable hat on...priceless!

And this is Ashley again being held by Christopher's girlfriend, Morgan. Tonight we are supposed to get the storm of the century, so Cal and Mary are heading into Grand Rapids this afternoon with clothes for a night or two. They didn't want to get stranded away from the girls, so they will sleep in GR.

Thank you for keeping this wonderful family in your prayers - sometimes our patience wanes because we want them home, but we know that time is coming soon, and when it does...life changes forever!!!


  1. SO CUTE! Hopefully I can banish this lingering cold and sneak up to see them this week. I love that Ashley already has a nickname, and I still can't get over how much Norah looks like Calvin!

  2. Keep the updates coming!! were still praying they get appetites and drink like crazy!!! So nice to see Mary and have a chance to pray with her.

  3. Your pictures bring back a FLOOD of memories for me. Though it was 13 years ago I remember it all too well. I know the wait seems long but in the meantime tell Mary to rest like crazy because when they get home the real adventure will begin in earnest. It sounds like they all are doing well. What a blessing! Congratulations to you all!