Sunday, April 15, 2012

Notes for Lesson 23

Lesson 23 – Future things

Daniel 9, Matthew 24, Revelation 1-8

I. Introduction to John

II. Daniel’s vision – Daniel 9

III. Jesus’ teaching – Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13

· v. 4-14 – Jesus lists out what would happen before His return:

o False ___Christs____

o __Wars____, rumors of war

o ___Famines____ and ____Earthquakes______

o ___Tribulation_____

o ____Martyr_______

o _____Betrayal_________

o ___Gospel______ preached to all nations

· v. 15-31 – Jesus gets more specific:

o ___Great___ tribulation

o No life spared unless the time is __cut short_____

o False christs and prophets doing great wonders to _mislead____

o People trying to pull believers out of ____hiding___

o Lightning _flashing_______

o Sun, Moon and Stars go ____dark_____

o Jesus’ sign will appear (lightning) and the world ____mourns___

o The angels will gather the ___elect____

· v. 32-35 – fig tree warning

· v. 36-41 – God is in control of the timing – Noah knew the judgment was coming, the world was clueless

· v. 42-51- general warning about being responsible and prepared

IV. Revelation 1-6

· Revelation 1 – general introduction to the book

· Revelation 2,3 – 7 letters to 7 churches

· Revelation 4,5 – heavenly scene

· Revelation 6 – six seals

o Seal 1 – white horse – ____conquering__ and to conquer

o Seal 2 – red horse – ___war____

o Seal 3 – black horse – ____famine_____

o Seal 4 – ashen or pale horse – ____death____

o Seal 5 – ____martyrdom_______

o Seal 6 – sun, moon and stars lose their ____light_

· Revelation 7 – 2 events

· Revelation 8:1-6 – the trumpets are ready to sound

V. The Day of the Lord – God’s wrath

· Old Testament concept of pending judgment

· Joel 2:1-13 – notice the sun, moon and stars are referenced

VI. Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians

· I Thess. 4:13-18 – classic rapture passage

· I Thessalonians 5 – connection between the rapture and Day of the Lord

· II Thessalonians 2:1-12 – more insight to the events of those days

VII. Conclusion – Back to Daniel

· Three lessons we can learn from the book of Daniel as to how to prepare for the final days:

1. Determine not to ____defile____ yourself – Daniel 1:8

2. Have ___either-way____ faith – Daniel 3:17,18

3. You cannot have success in the crisis, until you have success in the ____process_____ - Daniel 6:10


  1. Thanks again Kristen for your deep teaching of God's word, and for your compassion for all of us. It shines like the sun and we have all gleaned so much. Looking forward to the next season.

  2. And your deep love for the Lord and His Word is always, always encouraging. (Yes, that was a double 100%...)

  3. Amazing study! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Lord bless your home.