Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christ Follower

The gospel is very simple - Jesus in my place:
  • He lived the perfect life I couldn't
  • He took the wrath of God for me
  • He fulfilled the law of God and traded identities with me
  • His righteousness is now my righteousness
  • The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
So understanding the gospel is necessary for salvation, but what about after salvation? Do we move on and it remains behind for the lost? No, the gospel is what empowers us - the gospel starts our day at the foot of the cross in humble thanksgiving, and tells us that because of Jesus' love, He has now called us out of darkness and into the light. We can have victory over sin because of the gospel, we can live a life that pleases God because of the gospel, we can shine and draw men to the Lord because of the gospel and we can mature in our spiritual understanding which evidences itself in our fleshly existence because of the gospel.

The gospel is our power source.

Therefore, I am a Christ follower.

Now don't get me wrong - Jesus is my Savior and not my religion, but just because He was able to do what I cannot do, does not mean I don't want to be like Him. I don't follow Him because I want to save myself. I don't follow Him because I want to earn a bit of my cost. I follow Him because I love Him, trust Him, understand that He lived life so that I could walk in His footsteps, know that I have not only been called to a life of holiness, but also have been equipped to be holy and understand that the greatest way I can show my gratitude for the gospel is to give Him my whole life.

So, here is my question for you today: As a Christ follower, what in your life do you specifically do to be like Jesus?

I was thinking I would write this great blog, telling you how following Jesus has made such a difference in my life, but then I decided to let you tell have at it! Hit the comment button and tell me PRACTICALLY, how do you follow Jesus?



  1. Because of the gospel, Jesus crushed Satan's power over me to be self-serving. I can now choose to love others. Not perfect at it by any means but thankful for the convicting work of the Holy Spirit and the loving discipline of my Heavenly Father, Whom I spend more and more time talking to, because of the love of Jesus.

  2. Because of the forgiveness,grace and love God has showered on me throughout my life, I am learning to show Gods forgiveness,love and grace to those who have experienced similar circumstances in their lives.

  3. Over 200 views and only two responses...pretty sad.

    Probably the biggest affect lately in my life of following Jesus is the call to be a forgiving person. Because of His Spirit, I am able to forgive in a way that defies humanity - I realize that forgive and forget is nearly impossible but with the Lord it's pretty close to what happens! I also love differently because of Jesus - love is not warm fuzzies because someone makes me feel good. It's the choice to sacrificially lay aside my rights and desires to serve another. Hmmm...there's still so many more...anyone else want to jump in?

  4. Lately... choosing to pray blessings for those who have hurt me and asking God to help me forgive them and leave it with Him each time I find myself "rehearsing" the incident in my mind again.

  5. Father, If any man would come to You, he must deny himself and follow You daily. Yes Lord I want to follow You. To whom else can we turn? You have the words of eternal life. And yet to follow is to suffer... willingly. Jesus set his face towards Jerusalem. I am afraid. Give me courage in obedience. How will I take up my cross? I will start by what You have taught me today: bear one another's burdens. Not only does that refer to t he physical aspect of our lives but that refers to sin in the lives of others. How to bear with that? Forgive! Really? But I am mad and frustrated that the work of the Spirit is being blocked in my life. Oh, do You mean that I must pray for forgiveness in the lives of others? It's not each man for himself then? There is some kind of spiritual principle here. In obedience teach me to bear one another's burden. I look to You to bless me in this work of burden bearing. Help me to do it well and grant me Your power and it will be done!