Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back From Harvest University

The beginning of this week Dave and I were at Harvest University in Chicago. This is a time of training and fellowship in the Harvest system of church leaders and pastors.  I went to the track for senior pastor's wives and learned several very valuable things, but that's not why I'm writing this afternoon.

You see, these conferences are great - you get to see a lot of people that you've met over the years, hear how they are doing, pray with them and share what God is doing in your life - all good things.  You get time away with your husband - a GREAT thing!  You get to eat out - another good thing, if done in moderation.  And you are encouraged through the teaching of the Word and awesome worship times - hard to even put into words how soothing it is.

But my heart was in Spring Lake this week.  I was a bit distracted and I don't think I experienced the full intended effect of the conference because my mind was on my church.

I hated missing Chris' worship set.  Calvin told us that it was the best EVER!  (Don't you love when you miss something and find out it was the best EVER!)  I am confident it had very little to do with what was happening on stage and more about what is happening in the hearts of our people...

I hated missing Cal on Sunday...Dave and I listened to his message on the way home and were rocked to the core by his challenge.  I loved the lottery ticket illustration - you know what, friends?  We DO have the winning ticket! Praise the Lord!

I missed my Bible study gals.

I missed my pre-service prayer buddies.

I missed the foyer of friendly faces.

I missed the children's wing filled with high-pitched, excited voices!

I missed the marginal coffee in the nice big cups! (We're still working on that coffee, folks! Don't give up on us...)

Bottom line...I love my church.

And that's exactly the way it should be.

God has brought our body together and through His Son, has placed a love for the brethren in our hearts, so that when we are away, we miss each other.  Yes, I missed my children and grand children - that's a given.  But I was surprised how much I missed our church.  Hearing stories about everyone's church and what was going on there, just made me want to get back to our church even quicker.  Dave and I were like proud parents, boasting on our people and sharing the joy that comes from shepherding an awesome flock!

Now, I think we may still be in the honeymoon phase, because I've been in churches long enough to know that everything is not always going to be roses and lollipops, but I've got to say, friends, I think the body at Harvest Spring Lake totally rocks and I love you all!

Okay, enough love...I promise to get back to Bible pounding soon, but after a week of missing you all so much, I just had to let you know!


  1. The feeling's mutual, Kristen. I'm glad you enjoyed your time, but even more grateful that you're home safe and sound. See ya on Sunday.

  2. Glad you were able to get away; happy you enjoyed your stay. Also, just want to say...what an awesome pastor and his wife we have at our church! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Lord bless your home.

  3. Those are the reasons that keep me coming to Harvest week after week. Feeling like a part of a caring, loving family. I look forward to Sundays like never before. I thank God for the wonderful leadership and their wives !!! Glad you & Dave could go and be refreshed but even more glad that you are home.
    Blessings !!!