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Notes for Lesson 22

Lesson 22 – Paul and the Missionary Journeys

Acts 9-28

I. Saul’s Salvation – Acts 9

· Who was Saul?

o Born in ___Tarsus____, which is in Turkey, making him a Roman citizen

o His lineage was from the tribe of ____Benjamin_______

o Saul means _____asked for___ or ___prayed for____

o He was raised in __Jerusalem___, sitting under the rabbi “Gamaliel”

o His family were _tent makers_____ and he learned this trade

o He was a brilliant __mind____

o He had a ___lawyer's__ mind – he was an expert at the Jewish law (Talmud)

o Was the apostle Paul married?

· Saul’s conversion

· Acts 9:10-19 - _Ananias__ is sent by the Lord to speak with Saul

· v.20-23 – after a few days, Saul is __boldly proclaiming___ Jesus as Lord

· v.24-31 – Why did Saul’s presence in Jerusalem scare the church?

· Paul was eventually sent back to ____Tarsus____

II. The Missionary Journeys – Missions begins! Acts 13-28

· A few important facts:

o Saul’s name change

o Barnabas’ role in getting Paul involved in missions

o The journey span from A.D. 44 until A.D. 58, when Paul is arrested in Caesarea

o On the second journey, Paul meets ___Timothy___

o What was so unusual about the Berean church?

o On the third journey, Paul spends ___three__ years in Ephesus

o Tradition says he died in the mid A.D. 60’s

III. An overview of Paul’s letters to the churches

· Romans – Sin ____separates___, Jesus ___saves_____

· I and II Corinthians – struggling church

· Galatians – salvation by ____grace___ through ____faith__

· Ephesians - ___Unity_____ in Christ

· Philippians – Joy in the face of ___suffering____

· Colossians – confronts false doctrine and then teaches practical Christian __living_____

· I and II Thessalonians – church under great __persecution__ - encouraged to have ___endurance______

· I and II Timothy – general ___pastoral___ encouragement

· Titus – another young pastor – pastoral __duties_____ and warns of ___ungodliness____ in the church

· Philemon – personal letter to a friend – asks for ____mercy__ for a runaway slave named Onesimus

IV. An overview of the remaining letters

· Hebrews – authorship unknown – possibly either _Paul_____ or ___Apollos_____ - powerful treatise on the fulfillment of the _____Law____ in Jesus Christ

· James – written by Jesus’ half-brother – faith without ___works_____ is __dead___

· I and II Peter – written to the Gentile Church – the purpose of ____suffering___ and urges faithfulness in the light of the coming ____judgment_______

· I, II and III John – initially sent to the church in _____Ephesus____ - promotes __love________ and ____unity_____ in the church

· Jude – most likely written by another half-brother of Jesus – prophetic warning of __falling away__ from the truth

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