Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Survey Quiz Answers - Lesson 14

Survey Quiz:

Who are the following people?

1. This man: ADAM

· Was never born

· Never had a birthday

· Owned a great estate

· Was physically perfect

· Was a great zoologist

2. This man: GIDEON

§ Lived in Israel when there were no kings

§ Was greatly oppressed by the Midianites

§ Lived in fear

§ Was called to judge the Midianites

§ Won freedom by using torches, horns and voices

3. This man: ENOCH

· Was a father of the oldest man in the world

· Lived a godly life in one of the most wicked generations ever

· Was the only man in the first 3,000 years of history to never die

· Walked into heaven

***bonus if you can name the son METHUSELAH

4. This man: DAVID

· Was God’s choice as king

· Had many wives

· Danced when the Ark of the Covenant returned to Israel

· Killed a giant with a smooth stone

· Was a redhead

5. This man: MOSES

· Was adopted

· Had unlimited education but chose to align with slaves

· Struggled to communicate

· Was the meekest man on earth, yet lost his temper

· Was the chosen leader to bring a nation out of bondage

· Received the Law of God

6. This man: ISAAC

· Was the child of promise

· Is best known for not protecting his own life

· Had an older brother who is the father of the Arab nations

· Had twin sons

7. This man: NOAH

· Was radiant with righteousness in the midst of moral darkness

· Was a great ship builder

· Never had to launch his ship

· Gathered the greatest collection of animals the world has ever known

· Had sons who were the fathers of the nations of the world

8. This man: NEHEMIAH

· Became depressed when he heard that Jerusalem was unprotected

· Left Persia to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

· Rebuilt the walls of the city in record time

***Bonus if you can tell how long it took to rebuild the walls 52 DAYS

9. This man: JOSHUA

· Along with a friend, believed God when others wouldn’t

· Was a great general

· Watched his contemporaries all die away

· Battled with trumpets

10. This man: ABRAHAM

· Left a great city to become a nomad

· Lived in a tent for 100 years

· Was called a friend of God

· Was the father of a great nation

· Had conversations with Jesus face to face

Now, put these ten men in the historical order:











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