Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Notes for Lesson 17

Lesson 17 – The Teaching and Parables of Jesus

The Gospels

I. The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12

1. ___Poor in Spirit___ – v.3 – The poor in spirit are the ones who are humbled before the Lord

2. Those who ___Mourn___ – v. 4 – this is a sadness that goes beyond the tragedy and suffering of life, but recognizes the cause of it – sin

3. The ___Meek (Gentle)___ – v. 5 - the meek are those who have a spirit of gentleness and self-control, they are not driven by malice or vengeance, but rather are merciful and humble

4. Hunger and Thirst for ___Righteousness____ – v. 6 – hunger and thirst are the most basic human needs – it is a cry for satisfaction or filling

5. ___Merciful_______ – v. 7 – the one who is poor in spirit, meek and hungry for righteousness knows that these things can not be supplied within himself

6. ___Pure_______ in Heart – v. 8 – the one who makes decisions not based in sinful desires but out of a humble, merciful, meek spirit, this one has a pure heart

7. ___Peacemakers______ – v. 9 – God is the God of Peace

8. ___Persecuted_____– v. 10,11 – Jesus, throughout His earthly ministry, never hid the fact that persecution is a part of being in His family – He was persecuted and His followers would be as well – John 15:18,19 – the one who is persecuted can easily be discouraged and defeated, but Jesus says he should be happy – persecution is an indication of what family you belong to

I. The Lord’s Prayer – Luke 11:1-4

i. God-centered prayer – v.2

1. “Father”

2. “Hallowed be Thy Name”

· Verbally

· Physically

3. “Thy Kingdom Come”

· What should we be doing to prepare for the coming kingdom?

1. ____Repent_____ – turn from sin – Matt. 4:17; Mark 1:14,15

2. ____Proclaim____ – give the gospel – Luke 9:60

3. Be ___Commited____ – don’t look back – Luke 9:62

4. _____Pursue_____ – aggressively seek after the things of God – study to show yourself approved – Matt. 6:33

ii. Personal Needs – v. 3,4

1. “Bread”

2. “Forgive us our sins”

3. “Lead us not into temptation”

II. Parables

What is a parable? An ____earthly_____story with a ____heavenly___ message

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