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Notes for Lesson 16

Lesson 16 – Birth, Temptations and Miracles of Christ

The Gospels

I. Overviews of the Gospels

· What does Gospel mean? ____Good__News_____

· Each Gospel has a different perspective:

o Matthew – Jesus as _____King_______, written primarily to the Jews, gives His royal genealogy to prove kingship, in the Sermon on the Mount we see His laws for the kingdom

o Mark – Jesus as _____Servant__, written to the Romans – no genealogy because people don’t want to know the history of a servant, contains more miracles than any other gospel – Romans didn’t care about words, only actions – most likely was Peter’s gospel and John Mark recorded it

o Luke – Jesus as the ____Son of Man_______ (humanity), written to the Greeks, takes Jesus’ genealogy all the way back to the first man, focuses on the compassion and authority of Christ

o John – Jesus as the ____Son of God_____ (deity), written to all who will believe with the purpose to hail Jesus as God, everything in this gospel illustrates or demonstrates His divine relationship

· When all the gospels are all put together and harmonized, we are only given about ____50____ days of Jesus’ active ministry

· What is a synoptic gospel?

II. The Birth of Jesus Christ – 2 perspectives of the same story

· Mary’s perspective – Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-5

· Why Mary?

1. Because she was a ___virgin____

2. Because she was in the ____royal line___ of David

3. ____God's choice_______ – she found favor with God, just like Noah found favor with God

· Gabriel gives her a four point message:

1. You will become pregnant with a ____son_____

2. You will name Him ____Jesus______

3. He is the __Son of God____ (cut from the same cloth)

4. He is the _____Messiah_______ (given the throne of David, reign over the house of Jacob forever, kingdom will have no end – fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant – II Samuel 7:12-16)

· Joseph’s perspective – Matthew 1:18-25

· Engagement – was as binding as a marriage

· Isaiah 7:14

· The birth of Jesus Christ

III. The Temptations of Christ – Luke 4:1-13

· I John 2:16 – three areas of temptation, seen in the garden with Eve

· Genesis 3:6

o Lust of the ___flesh___ – good for food

o Lust of the _____eyes____ – a delight to the eyes

o ____Pride_____ of life – desirable to make one wise

· Satan uses these three areas to tempt Jesus as well:

1. “Good for Food” – v. 3,4 – lust of the flesh – Jesus was hungry, His flesh was crying out for sustenance – this temptation focused on His physical weakness – but Jesus responds with scripture – Deut. 8:3 – He would not rely on His deity to provide for Himself, but would depend solely on His Father to meet His needs – The Spirit had led Him into the wilderness for this time of fasting, then it was in God’s will for Him to forgo food

2. “Worship before me” – v. 5-8, lust of the eyes – Satan offered the rule and allegiance of the world to Christ without Calvary – he showed Him the nations of the world – appealing to His eyes – Jesus responds again with scripture from Deut. 6:13 – He would only worship God – why was Satan able to offer this temptation? (Remember the lost title deed to the earth from the garden story? See Ephesians 2:1,2 and I John 5:19)

3. “Throw Yourself Down” – v.9-12 – pride of life – Satan urged Jesus to reveal His divine nature by allowing the angels to save Him – don’t live the life of a pauper – let the world know you are a King – Satan misquotes from Psalm 91 – but Jesus again answered with scripture from Deut. 6:16 – “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test!” – Who has tried to test God in our study? Jonah when he ran away and Moses when he struck the rock in disobedience – remember God is not mocked – do not test the Lord

· How did Jesus defeat Satan?

1. By using the ___Word____ of God

2. By following the ____leading___ of the Holy Spirit

3. By having _____ongoing fellowship____ with the Father (This is My Son in whom I am well pleased) – Jesus had a vibrant prayer life

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