Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Peanut

One week ago today, on June 14th, Baby Emma made her arrival! For those who have wanted to see her, here is your chance! Thank you for your patience and giving Katherine time to recover. Emma entered this world nine days early, due to the fact her mommy's placenta was worn out and done feeding her. She hadn't grown in a few weeks and the doctor decided to get the ball rolling early. We are so thankful that she did!

Emma's first few hours were spent in a special nursery, with her own nurse attending her every needs.  One of God's many blessings through this delivery was this nurse - he had been the head floor nurse at the neo-natal unit at Spectrum when Norah and Ashley were born. Imagine our relief after Emma's crazy delivery to look up and see him taking care of her!  About a year or so ago he started working at our local hospital - we told him he was God's gift to us!  He is a believer and it was such a comfort having him care for Emma.  

Emma had to have an oxygen cap - kind of like a football helmet - around her head for the first few hours. They weren't "giving" her oxygen - they were "surrounding" her with oxygen.  Apparently there's a difference.

Emma was four pounds and thirteen ounces - just a little peanut. Fully developed, she was long and lean - Grandma Averill joked that Emma had her thighs!  I agreed - they couldn't be mine - not beefy enough!

After a few hours, Katherine was wheeled into the nursery and held Emma for the first time. Because her delivery was so quick and Emma was distressed at the time of birth, she didn't get to hold her immediately. 

Needless to say, she was so thrilled! 

Within a day, Emma was exhausting herself with her feedings and her oxygen and blood sugar levels were dropping, so they inserted a feeding tube. Another blessing - we are well versed with feeding tubes. Our precious twins spent about a month on tubes when they were born.  

But it wasn't long before she weaned herself off the tubes - partly because of strength and partly because of will. She kept grabbing the tube and pulling it out - her way of saying, "Entry into this world was traumatic enough, and now this???"

After a week, Emma came home and is now enjoying the fruits of several wonderful showers.  She has her days and nights mixed up a bit and you know what?  We don't mind!  We're so thankful that the Lord has given her to us that we're not complaining. She may be tiny, but she's very alert and active - long and lean arms and legs that flail wildly if she's not tightly swaddled.

Here you can see she's worked her arms out of the receiving blanket and is in total chill mode.  What a blessing - baby and Mommy are well and happy to be home.  She had a doctor's appointment today and Emma's already over five pounds! Way to go, Mom!

I'm going to add one thing about Poppa - Austin is a rock star! His patience and love for my daughter and granddaughter in the hospital was another opportunity for me to whisper a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord. Austin loves the Lord and is a godly, precious husband for my daughter.  Watching him love on her and Emma is a real joy - plus the fact that his women have him whipped - totally enjoyable!

Okay, so if you have been wanting to see Emma, I hope this satisfies for the time being. Katherine is protecting our little peanut by keeping the environment quiet and peaceful.  She would love to see all of you, but needs a few weeks to give Emma the best start possible. 

Thank you all for your prayers and gifts - you are definitely loved!


  1. What a precious little darling. Thanks for sharing your blessing with us. She is beautiful. Lord bless your home.

  2. Oh~Littlest Emma is so SWEET! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and the pics~PRECIOUS!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, so glad that Emma is home and doing well. Blessings to Katherine & Austin.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the pictures -- she's definitely a little dolly :o)

  5. Awww how adorable, she is precious. So thankful the Lord watched over Mom and babe!!! Congrats to you and Dave!!!

  6. A little wonder is she not. I saw her close up at Church yesterday and she is so beautiful. Emma has been born into a blessed family who will love her well. Thanks for the pictures and for your sweet commentary on your new little one. ENJOY and be prepared to have your heart vested on a whole new level!!!