Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Notes for Lesson Eight

Lesson 8 – The Law, the Tabernacle and Sacrifices

Exodus 19-31, Leviticus

I. The Law – Exodus 19-24

· Chapter 19 – The Mosaic Covenant – If the people kept the Law, then they would be:

1. God’s own _____possession_________ (special treasure)

2. A kingdom whose citizens were all _______priests____indicating ________access_______to God

3. A ___holy___nation – set apart from the nations of the world

· Chapter 20 – God gives the 10 commandments:

1. No other _____gods______ – Love the Lord your God with all your heart

2. Do not make an _idol_______ – don’t bow down to idols

3. Do not take the name of God in ____vain_____

4. Keep the Sabbath ____holy______

5. ___Honor______ your father and mother

6. Do not ___murder__

7. Do not commit ___adultery__________

8. Do not ___steal__________

9. Do not bear false ______witness_____ – do not lie

10. Do not __covet_______ – be content

· Chapter 21-23 - these laws are in regards to man’s attitude towards ______God_____ and toward his fellow ____men_____

· Chapter 24 – the people agree to the conditions of the law

· Does the law save?

o Hebrews 10:1 – no!

o The law:

1. reveals God’s _____holiness______

2. reveals our exceeding ____sinfulness____

3. points to our need for a _____Savior_______

· Hebrews 12:18-24 – there are only two ways to approach God – either by the __Law______ or by the __blood____ of His Son

II. The Tabernacle – Exodus 25-31

· The description:

1. The white linen fencing

2. The bronze altar

3. The Bronze laver

4. The Golden Lamp stand

5. The Table of Showbread

6. The altar of Incense

7. The veil

8. The Holy of Holies

· Hebrews 9

· Exodus 33:8-111 – face to face!

III. The Sacrifices - Leviticus

· The sacrificial system was set up to point to the future work of Jesus Christ – there were 5 sacrifices that were instituted in Leviticus:

1. The ____Burnt_______ Offering – Leviticus 1 – This was an offering for sin – it is a picture of Jesus taking on our sin in His perfect form and bearing the penalty – death both physically and spiritually – for us

2. The ______Grain______ Offering – Leviticus 2 - this was an offering of daily devotion – it was a fine flour given to the Lord – grain provides nourishment and Jesus is our bread of Life

3. The ____Fellowship______ Offering (Peace) – Leviticus 3 – this was an animal sacrifice and when it was given, the one who gave it was given a portion to eat himself – it pictures fellowship between God and man – Jesus opened the veil so that we can have that perfect fellowship with His Father

4. The _____Sin________ Offering – Leviticus 4-5:13 – this was an offering for involuntary sins – those they didn’t even realize they were committing – we are guilty not only for what we have done, but for simply who we are – this offering pays the price for all sin and is again a picture of Jesus on the cross

5. The ______Guilt______ – Leviticus 5:14-6:7 – this offering implies restitution for sins we have committed towards others – it was offered to cleanse the conscience towards the Lord and then restitution would be offered to the offended party with an added 5th of what was taken – this is a picture of the restitution that Jesus has made for us – Isaiah 53:10 tells us that He was our guilt offering – He covered it all!

· The difference between a priest and a Levite:

1. A Levite was simply from the tribe of Levi and was an assistant to the priests

2. A priest was from the tribe of Levi and the family of Aaron


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