Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Notes for Lesson 10

Lesson 10 – Judges – Gideon, Ruth


I. The Time of the Judges – 1406 B.C. until 1050 B.C.

A. Background

· The Cycle of Judges:

· Sin – the people would _____fall______ into sin

· Servitude – God would send a nation to ______oppress____ His people

· Supplication – when it was really bad, the people would __cry_ _out___ to God for help

· Salvation – God would raise up a __judge___ to bring salvation

· Silence – the people would ____continue____ on in obedience but soon fall into sin

B. Why did Israel struggle so much?

1. ___Disobedience_______ – failure to drive out the Canaanites (Judges 1:19,20,35)

2. ___Idolatry________ (2:12)

3. _____Intermarriage____with the Canaanites (3:5,6)

4. Not ______heeding______the judges (2:17)

5. Turning away from God after the ____death_____ of a judge (2:19)

C. List of Judges: (name of judge - years of oppression/years of rest)

· Othniel 8 years/40 years

· Ehud 18 years/80 years

· Shamgar not given

· Deborah 20 years/40 years

· Gideon 7 years/40 years

· Abimelech ruled over Israel 3 years, was self-appointed, not by God

· Tola judged 23 years

· Jair judged 22 years

· Jephthah 18 years/judged 6 years

· Ibzan judged 7 years

· Elon judged 10 years

· Abdon judged 8 years

· Samson 40 years/judged 20 years

II. Gideon – Judges 6-8

A. Gideon’s calling

B. The First Action – Judges 6:25-35

C. The Assurance – Judges 6:36-40

D. The Second Action – Judges 7

III. Ruth

A. The Background – Ruth 1

B. Kinsman Redeemer – Ruth 2-4

· Role of the Kinsman Redeemer:

1. He would buy back ___land_____ that the family had sold

2. He would provide an ___heir___ for the deceased relative by marrying the widow and producing a child

3. He would buy back a family member sold into ____slavery______

4. He would ___avenge_______ a relative who had been murdered by killing the murderer

C. Theological truths in the story of Ruth

1. God’s redemptive plan __extended____ beyond the Jews to the Gentiles

2. The book of Ruth shows that ____women_____ are co-heirs with men of God’s saving grace

3. The book of Ruth portrays the ____virtuous____ woman of Proverbs 31

4. The book of Ruth shows God’s _____sovereign_____ involvement (1:6; 4:13)

5. Ruth, along with Tamar and Rahab, and Bathsheba are in Jesus’ genealogy

6. Boaz is a ____type______ of Christ as the Kinsman Redeemer

7. David’s throne is traced back to ____Judah___, to which it was prophesied (Genesis 49:8-12)

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