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Notes from Lesson Nine and CORRECTION!!!

Lesson 9 - Joshua


I. Conquest of the Land – 1400 B.C.

A. Background – Deuteronomy 34

· Moses was given the Law and throughout the scriptures, Moses represents the Law:

o Luke 2:22

o Luke 24:44

o John 1:17

o John 1:45

o John 7:19

o John 7:23

o Acts 15:5

o I Cor. 9:9

o Hebrews 10:28

· Joshua is given the torch – the time had come to enter the Land

· It wouldn’t be easy – it would be by __FORCE_____ - force plus OBEDIENCE

· Leviticus 18:24-30 – the land had become defiled

B. Joshua – Joshua 1

1. His qualifications:

o Led a battle in the wilderness against the Amalekites and was _____Successful_____ – Exodus 17:9-14

o Joshua was an ___assistant_______to Moses – he went up on the mountain with Moses – Exodus 24:13

o He had been Moses’ attendant since ______youth____ – Numbers 11:28

o Moses changed Joshua’s name from Hosea (salvation) to Joshua (the Lord saves) – Numbers 13:16

o He was one of the original 12 spies who was faithful to God’s promise – he saw things through _____spiritual_____ eyes – Numbers 14:6-10, 30,38

o Joshua was ______indwelled_______ by the Holy Spirit – Numbers 27:18

o Joshua was ___commissioned______ by God to assist Moses – Numbers 27:18-23

o Joshua followed the Lord ___fully____ – Numbers 32:12

o Joshua was commissioned to _____replace______ Moses – Deuteronomy 31:23

o Joshua was filled with the spirit of ____wisdom____ – Deuteronomy 34:9

2. God’s words to Joshua – Joshua 1:1-9

· v. 2 – arise and get going – I am giving them to you

· v. 3 – Every place – I have given it to you (100% word)

· v. 4 – God describes boundaries – will be your territory

· v. 5 – No one is able to stand/I will be with you/I will not fail or forsake you

· v. 6 – be strong and courageous – you SHALL give the people their lands which I SWORE to their fathers to give them

· v. 7 – be very strong and courageous – be obedient and you will have success

· v. 8 – Stay in the Word (book of the Law? The Pentateuch) – meditate on it – obey it – and you will be successful

· v. 9 – be strong and courageous – God is with you wherever you go

3. Joshua’s response – v. 10-18 - ____immediate_____ obedience

C. Jericho – Joshua 2,6

D. Ai – Joshua 6,7

E. The rest of the conquest – Joshua 9-12

o Joshua 9-12 – Joshua systematically marched through the land, conquering the mountainous cities in the south and then in the north

o After 7 years, the defeat of Canaan was complete, though it wasn’t finished – the Canaanites would not be completely gone until the time of King David

o Joshua 10 – the central campaign – in battling Gibeon, God made the sun stand still and Joshua decimated the allied Canaanite armies

o Joshua 9-10 – southern portion

o Joshua 11-12 – northern portion

o The key to their victories was complete obedience to the Lord’s command – Joshua 10:38-43 give a taste of their success

II. Dividing the Land – Joshua 13-20

· Each tribe is given a portion of the land

· Levi is not given land – why?

· Cities of Refuge – Joshua 20

· Joshua’s farewell address – Joshua 22-24


Here's reason number 475 to read Kristen's blog - because when I make a mistake in the lesson, I can correct it here on the blog! This morning, with such a simple, short lesson, I botched up a detail. I said that Joshua won a battle by having his arms raised and the sun stood still from Joshua 10. In truth, I combined two stories. In Joshua 10, the Lord did make the sun stand still for Joshua to give him victory, but the story about the rod above the head was about Moses. Joshua was fighting the Amalekites, and Hur and Aaron held Moses' arms with his staff over his head to give Joshua the victory. That story is found in Exodus 17. So sorry about the poor teaching...sometimes I get off my notes and my details get jumbled...

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  1. Just shows us you make mistakes just like we all do. I'm sure no one will hold it against you!!! Your still a gifted teacher.