Friday, May 27, 2011

Isaiah 53

He was declared innocent and condemned to die.

So much power behind that statement, wouldn't you say?

If He had been declared guilty then He wouldn't have been worthy.

Again, something to stop and absorb.

It amazes me how every step of the way, imagery is given that goes beyond the first glance. Does it really matter that Jesus died on Passover? Yes, it does. Does it mean anything that Simon carried His cross? Again, yes. What about Pilate finding Him innocent three times and even Herod agreeing? Or the kiss in the garden? The rich man's grave, the intensity of the scourging, the disappearance of His followers, the salvation of the thief. All these things add a depth to the crucifixion that goes beyond understanding and provides a lifetime worth of study and meditation.

Can we ever fully grasp what happened that day?

To end our study we read through Isaiah 53. Powerful. The details of the crucifixion come to life when you see the prophecy concerning the Suffering Messiah lived out through Jesus' life.

And to make things more complicated, verse 10 haunts my thoughts: "But the Lord was pleased to crush Him..." Motivation. Plan. Execution. Pleasure.


God's plan of redemption and restoration is not simply one of many options in this world to bring salvation to man. The cross is the ONLY option. Nothing compares. If you're not convinced, then spend more time in His Word and ask His Spirit to open your eyes. There is nothing simplistic about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to put it on the same level as Buddhism, Islam or any other man-made, idol-worshipping, Satan-contrived religion that excludes the identity transfer of the Son of God and replaces it with works and purgatory is disgusting at best.

Jesus alone is the only way to God, for He is God.

How's that for a Friday morning rant?

Thank you, Jesus, for the cross. Thank you for the price you paid for us. For giving up your life to save the lost. Thank you, Jesus, for the cross.


  1. My mind's been stuck on this since Tuesday, too -- though I like your word "haunt" better :o) -- and I can't get past the depth of significance in every little part of the story. All the prophecies fulfilled, all the symbolism... it's opened my eyes in a new way and made the sacrifice, the plan, and the price SO much more meaningful. Thank you for helping to open the eyes of my understanding.

  2. Jesus alone is the only way to God, for He is God...for some reason that statement hit me like a ton of bricks...simple yet so profound!