Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun at Grandma's House

Yesterday I got to play with the girls here at the house. Norah has a great tee shirt on - apparently Ashley had a shirt that mentioned her affection for Grandpa but had a minor explosion that sent the outfit to the laundry before Grandpa could see it...such is life!

Here is Ashley playing on the play mat. Sorry my phone focussed on the bar, but you can still see her precious face. The girls are amazing on the play mat. They will lay and play for...well, once they played for 90 minutes without fussing one bit! 90 minutes! It was incredible! Mary told me that she thinks because they don't feel like they are alone, they don't fuss during playtime...I think she's on to something...

And finally, Grandma Lori asked that I take this one at church. I think it was to show how cute the grandfathers are, parading around their prize possessions, but I want to show who hogs the most time with the girls...yep, caught red-handed! Look at that expression of sheer delight on Dave's babies' face. And Randy has a mini-thinker in his arms - I'd love to tell you who they are holding but I can't see which had her bracelet on which wrist...yes, I am still struggling to tell them apart....oh, well!


  1. Dave had Ashley -- I know 'cause Karalina had her first and we checked the bracelet :o)
    btw -- I LOVE your grandbaby brag blogs!

  2. Did you know they say babies who sleep with their arms above their heads are going to be smart??? Not sure where that came from but just wanted to inform you.... Love the expression on the babies face that Dave is holding~~~ shear affection for sure!!!

  3. They are growing so fast. It wasn't too long ago that you posted a cradle picture and it was almost all cradle. This latest one is almost all Norah. It is going to be so much fun to meet them and see you enjoying them!