Friday, March 25, 2011

Look Who Spent the Night at Grandma's!

Yesterday afternoon Norah and Ashley came for a sleepover!

Here is Ashley, wide awake.

Here is Norah, sound asleep.

This was more of a photo op than anything! At the end of Norah's bath we put Ashley in for a quick picture. They weren't overly thrilled, but it was cute...

So my daughters and I get the girls bathed and fed and in bed, then my twins head off to bed because they wanted to do the late night feedings. Yes, I said "wanted," and they were superstars, by the way! Back to the story. So Nico and Alex go to bed just as Dave came up from watching basketball in the video room. He was like, "Where are the girls?" I said, "In bed." He starts to head back to their room and I said to him, "One is sound asleep and the other is a bit restless. Don't wake up Ashley." To which he returned to the kitchen and I took this picture.

I know my camera makes his head look funny, but that's what he gets for getting BOTH of the girls up! I had instant deja vu from when my children were babies...Dave cannot let a sleeping baby lie...some things never change...

Today, Morgan stopped by after working at Great Harvest...thus the hat...

Sleeping in their chairs...

And this was taken this morning, right after bath time - clean and happy!



  1. How fun! Can you tell them apart yet, Grandma? I guessed Ashley on the first pic and I was right! 50/50 chance, right?
    Hope you are having a good day!

  2. Sounds like sleepovers at Grandma's are becoming a tradition, definitely fun! (Dave does have a bit of a twinkle in his eye...kind of looks like the child who got into the cookie jar before dinner - without getting caught!)

  3. There is something about babies, and some people just can't leave them alone for a minute~~~ so precious, love the pictures.