Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babies at Conover!

Well, I've given you a break from all the baby talk and baby boasting, but now that's over and here I go again! The end of this week Dave and I sneaked up to Conover for a quick study get away - he was finishing sermon prep and I was working on next year's women's bible study planning. After two very successful days and a quick bribery trip to Meijers, we convinced Mary and Cal to come up for the night (the bribery is seen in a later picture...). The girls arrived all bundled and sleepy! Can you tell who is who???

I didn't think so.

Aunt Nicole got some couch cuddle time with Ashley...

And Grandpa introduced Norah to Madison and Kona. This was their first time meeting the girls and it was a bit unnerving for them. They behaved but were rather confused by all the falderal! When Dave and I got up to do the night feedings, the two dogs were right at our side. By the time the girls left, Kona and Maddie were very comfortable with these new additions.

By the way, Dave is holding Norah - you can tell because she is the one who has her own battery pack!

Another first for the girls - Mary gave them their first manicure! This is Mommy filing down Norah's fingernails...

I thought this was cute - Mary just can't help but kiss the girls when she feeds them. Truth be known, we all kiss them when we feed them because they are so sweet!

This is Norah...zonked!

Twins holding twins...(another first!)...

Grandma holding twins...

Tucked in for the night...okay, for a couple hours until Grandma and Grandpa got up to do the late precious! Any doubt they are identical?

Norah sound asleep in Grandma's hands...

Ashley sound asleep with Aunt Nicole...

And finally, the girls all bundled, ready to go back home. Their first road trip was a success!

We are soaking up every moment with these precious gifts! They still are very sleepy, except when they finish their 4:30 a.m. feedings! But they are darling and loved and as beautiful as babies can be! We thank the Lord multiple times daily for these gifts and pray that the Lord will bring them into an eternal relationship with Himself at a very young age - what a blessing to live a long life in the arms of the Lord!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your precious babies! Dogs are wonderful with babies & will be protective of Norah & Ashley from now on! Blessings to you all!

  2. Isn't grandmahood wonderful?! Love that second to last sweet...

  3. so cute....not only are they roommates, but "womb"

  4. Oh, you did it again! I got on the computer to do something productive and got sidetracked with baby pictures! :) I love the one with the twins with the twins! :) Was the bribe the two matching baby swings???

  5. Ooops...thanks, Annie. I did say I'd explain the bribe! Yes, we got swings and changing pad and bath stuff, so all they had to do was bring food, bottles, babies and clothes! They did bring the pack and play, as well. But it is a big deal to pack up even just one baby for an overnighter, let alone two...

  6. Love those pics, like the twins holding twins thanks for sharing. I really enjoy them.

  7. I'm sure you know which is MY favorite pic two..I mean too! Did you hear I get Kathy for nearly two weeks?!

  8. You're too funny, Karin! You twins sure do stick together...I didn't realize that Kathy was heading your way. I am sure she told me, but I've been a bit scatter-brained lately! Have a great visit - you might have to put skis in your shower for Kathy to wear so she doesn't go down the drain...she's so skinny now!!!

  9. Thanks to Miss Skinny it's very easy to tell us apart now so I've accepted her challenge to do something about it!

  10. Oh...and have you ever heard the song Gladys? She met her fate in the bathtub for that very reason!

  11. I have to admit, Karin - when I read your comment, I had no idea what you were talking about! I had to reread my comment to figure it out...scatter-brained is an understatement!

  12. What cuties! This brings back so many memories for me as my identical girls are now almost 13 yrs old. Those sleepless nights will eventually come as they wake up more but their cuteness and precious faces stay forever. You are truly blessed.

    ENJOY and sleep when they do!