Saturday, March 12, 2011

Copy and Paste

This post is going to be a bit deceiving. Ashley and Norah spent the day at my house and from the pictures, it looks like they slept all day again...NOT TRUE! These girls are starting to wake up! It's only when they sleep that I can take the pictures you see, because when they're awake, they need Grandma to be playing with them...and feeding them...and changing them...and rocking them...and singing to them...and...

Can you see what their tee shirts say? Copy and Paste! Pretty funny...

Here is Norah (Copy). She had a big day yesterday. The doctor's office called Mary while she was over and told her that the doctor had read Norah's monitor reading and said she did not have any alarms (breathing monitor) therefore she could be taken off the monitor. That means both babies are completely unplugged! You can't imagine how much easier life just became for Cal and Mary...

Thank you, Jesus!

Here's Paste, or beautiful...

At one point in the afternoon, I put Norah on her tummy in the cradle. This cradle was given to me when Calvin was a newborn and back then it was 100 years old. It was a Shaker cradle and I was told that when they went into the fields for the day, they would carry the cradle and place the baby in it while they worked. To see Norah in the cradle, looking so much like her father, was really a flashback for me...

The babies are not the only ones who were sleepy. This is how we found Dave and the girls when we were ready for dinner. Notice they all sleep with their mouths open...must be a Wisen thing...

And finally, I just thought this was funny - Norah is really zonked! These little chairs have a vibrating operation and the girls love it. Once they are asleep, I will turn it off and they start to wiggle. When I turn it on again, they fall back asleep. I decided I know why we like back rubs so much - between the massage chair and all the back rubbing and patting when finding a burp, it's no wonder we like them!

Have a good day...


  1. Oh my gosh... the photo of Dad and the girls is just too much! How wonderful!

  2. I totally agree with Katherine! These shots are priceless, but that one's my favorite :o) You have some seriously cute grandbabies!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really loved seeing these cute new pics of the girls. What beauties! Glad to see their both disconnected from the monitor as well. Remember when we moved to GH Emmy was still connected to hers?? Those alarms were terrifying!

  4. The picture of Dave with the girls is priceless! The natural lighting is magnificent - see the depth and richness in their faces? Great job!

    As far as your latest post, I definitely vote for a is my favorite blog topic!

  5. It's amazing the depth and richness and iPhone can capture...thanks, Kathy!

  6. Copy and Paste!! That's fantastic! I am going to show Ruh that picture, he will get a kick out of it! :) I think my mom and Aunt Karin need a set of those shirts! :)

    What a beautiful cradle and it's so sweet that it was Calvin's when he was a baby.