Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey, Everyone...Look!

My husband is writing a blog!

Well, actually he's holding a fish in this picture, but I just love his smile in this one, so just in case you don't know my husband, now you do!

Yes, he is entering the world of blogging! I love this - it will be a glimpse into the mind of the man I love! If you look over on the right of my blog, you will see a column that says "My Blog List." Dave's blog is on that list...I just added him today so he should be the top one.

I would like to invite all of you to jump over there once you check in with me. Now I will have some competition in the profound arena, but a little competition is a good thing, right? I don't know if you can access his blog from the church website yet, so this might be your only avenue for the time being...

As for me, every spare second is being spent over at International Aid, as I am working with a group of gals trying to get our murals in the children's classrooms and nurseries finished before the carpet gets laid. So I have very little deep thoughts once I get home. Usually it's something like, "What can I eat and how long until I can go to bed?" That's about the depth of things, so I am giving you all a break this week on my blog. Nothing's wrong, I'm still alive - just busy, busy, busy!

Hope you all are abiding in Christ, and for those of you in my study, you know exactly what that means...

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  1. I think he's pretty happy with that catch!!! Good picture of him and I'll be looking forward to reading his blog along with yours.