Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where is your faith?

This question was asked in the boat, after the disciples had awakened Jesus in fear for their lives. He rebuked the storm and then proceeded to rebuke the disciples. (Luke8:25)

"Where is your faith?"

This question has been following me around for a few days and it's really a great question. Jesus used it in crisis counseling with His disciples, and I find it interesting that He chose to ask it after the storm settled, rather than while the storm ensued. The implication is that their faith should have been evidenced by their actions in the crisis, but what they showed was actually a lack of faith.

Remember - Jesus had made the decision to go to the other side of the lake. He was leading them. The storm ensued, and rather than trust the One who was their leader, they panicked and feared that they were going to die.

"Where is your faith?"

Trials and tribulations, suffering, pain, even persecution - these are all givens in life. If we are walking closely to our leader, following His will, then when the crisis hits, this is a time for our faith to grow, to be evidenced that our eyes are on the Master and we trust Him in all things.

But in order for our faith to be strong in the midst of a storm, we have to have confidence that we are on the right path, that we are following the will of God, that we are where Jesus wants us to be. These things will give us the strength to walk by faith, knowing that God's way is better than any other way out there.

I think this is the key to our faith in the times of crisis. The disciples were exactly where Jesus wanted them - in a boat, in the middle of a storm. When crisis hits in our lives, do we know that we are exactly where Jesus wants us to be? How can we know that?

Well, my friends, God leads through His Word. Just as the disciples were following the very words of Jesus by getting in that boat, we can follow the Word of God, as He leads us through life. His Word teaches us how to have a strong, stable marriage, what to do with our money, how to use our giftedness and talents, how to raise our children, how to care for others, how to forgive, how to invest, how to love, who to love...and the list goes on and on. The first step to being in the will of God is to be in the Word of God.

"Where is your faith?"

I think we need to ask each other this question more often, as well. It is a very telling question and a good reminder that no matter what happens in life, faith is needed and should be clearly seen as a testimony in the One who is leading us.

I think I may take down my "Don't be a glory thief" card on my computer and replace it with "Where is your faith?"

(Isn't that a cool picture?)

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