Monday, January 24, 2011

Two More Pictures

Good evening, friends! I just got home from the hospital and wanted to post my latest pictures. I think that some of my family and some of Calvin and Mary's friends from Florida check the blog for updates, so please bear with me. These girls have become my latest obsession...ummm...I mean hobby!

This first picture is little Norah. You'll notice the IV is out of the top of her head. It makes a world of difference! It is a lot easier to get her out of the incubator and hold without the IV. The purpose of the IV was to supplement her fluid intake, but by this morning, she and Ashley had both increased their feeding amounts to a level where they could take the IVs out. However, they were more "spitty" today - please pray that they don't need the IV again, but that their stomachs would adjust to the food and be able to manage it. They weren't spitting full meals and I know babies "spit," but it would be nice to continue on in this stage of life without IVs.

Norah is all about her hands. She has long skinny fingers that have to wrap around everything! When we bundle her up in her blanket, inevitably she puts her hands to her face. Her fingers stretch and poke - she often puts the back of her hand to her forehead, palm face up, as if to say, (insert Zsa Zsa Gabor voice here) "Darling, is it warm in here?" When she grabs my finger, she squeezes so tightly that her little knuckles turn white! She is so strong!

This second picture is Uncle Squish and Ashley. When Ashley is asleep, she is a limp rag doll - arms flopping down at her sides, eyes rolling to the back of her head. She is easy to swaddle and loves to be snuggled. Christopher was all elbows and hands until I scooted her up into the crook of his elbow, and then he felt a little better about the whole thing. It was so precious to see my twins and Chris hold Ashley today - there is a sense of awe and wonder that comes from holding your sibling's child!

Mary and Cal are doing well - they are sleeping at home, and this is wonderful for Mary. She sleeps about 5 hours and then pumps and then sleeps another 2 or 3. If the girls stay in the hospital for a few more weeks, Mary will be well rested by the time they get home. She is moving around well and smiles and giggles easily - Mary is very happy and can't wait to have the girls home. She doesn't complain, though, because she knows that the girls need what they are getting at the moment.

Calvin is sweet and gentle with the girls - talks to them in a quiet, sing-song voice. Occasionally the girls let out a little squeak - like a tiny baby mouse. Once they develop stronger lungs, I have assured Calvin that he'll miss the squeaky days! Can't wait...

Thank you all for your prayers - they are really doing so well! We are so blessed and I can't help but thank the Lord when I sit with them and study their precious faces...

Have a good night!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures - they are precious! There is no way to describe the unique love in the heart of a Grandma. ENJOY Kristen. I know you will! So happy for you all.
    Susie Ream

  2. How beautiful are those babies. So happy for the Wisen family...

  3. We are enjoying your obsession, I mean hobby...keep the pictures and updates coming!

  4. Hey Kris,
    We are so happy for the blessing of the safe delivery. We will continue to pray for their positive progress.

  5. They are so Precious!!! Prayers continueing on the way for all!!! It really is special feeling being a Grandma!!!! I Love it!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures and your updates. Your blog is so inpirational to me. Gives me more hope and energy to get into the word more. Thank you. And God Bless you all!!! Faith