Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guess who got to hold the twins???

Okay, yes! The answer is me! But first, I love this picture. This is my son, the father of the twins. If you look closely you can see the little feet in his hands...yes, he is changing a diaper! The incubator makes this quite a challenge, but he's up to it - notice the intensity on his face! I am just loving this...

This is Ashley - I had a good hour with her. We chatted about a lot of things - I told her all about the beautiful room that her parents had painted and decorated for her, all about her pet dog, Riley, whose life is never going back to normal, and all about her aunts and uncles. I like this picture because I think I look like my mom in it.

Look at her beautiful precious!

This is Norah - again, I think we got a good hour together. She has a kung fu grip that I have trouble describing. I tried to pry her little fingers off her pacifier and I could hardly do it...she likes to grab the leads and wires. She has the IV in her head, I think because her little hands are so bruised from struggling to find a vein - she is a lot like her mother with that.

This is Norah as well. Can you see the bruises on her hands from the IVs? As sad as the bruises are, they help me tell the girls apart in pictures! (Kind of pathetic, don't you think?) Still, such a beautiful face...look at those little lips!

Keep praying for the girls - they still have a few hurdles to overcome but they improve each day. I think they may get the top off their space ships tomorrow. We'll see how they handle regular air. The nurses told Mary to bring warm clothes for them tomorrow, so we'll have fun playing dress up...

So much fun - what a blessing! I hope you enjoyed the pictures...


  1. OH MY, Daddy looks like he is doing a fine job, and you are just glowing with love. Yes Kristin I think you can teach with one on each arm. Grandmas can do most anything!!!!

  2. Good job daddy, there's lots more of those to come! :)

    I am sure those little sweety pies enjoyed you chit-chatting with them today and hearing your voice. They are just the cutest little beans! :)

  3. I knew you'd be a good grandma :o) Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming, they're triggering lots of memories as well as a constant reminder of how much we have to be thankful for.

  4. Kristen,

    These are such awesome pictures. What a great blessing from above. Those babies are blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother. Thanks for sharing and all the pictures. Will be praying for them.