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Notes for Lesson Thirteen

Lesson 13 – Daniel


I. Introduction to Daniel – the background – 537 B.C.

· Daniel was written during Judah’s exile in _______Babylon______

· Daniel was a man of great personal conviction, spiritual discipline and wisdom – God used him in a mighty way

· Daniel 1:4 – description of the young men taken

· Daniel was being trained at the same time Ezekiel was in a slave gang

II. The Stories

· Daniel’s Resolve – a test of character – Daniel 1:5-20

o His first challenge – taken to the king’s quarters and offered food from his table

o Daniel knew the Law

o God granted favor and compassion in the eyes of his commander

o Daniel asks for a ten day trial

o v.17 – we see that God blessed these four with knowledge and intelligence and Daniel understood visions and dreams

Lesson One – Daniel determined not to ____defile__ himself, no matter the circumstance or cause. Daniel also found _____Faithful Friends______ to stand by him.

· Daniel’s giftedness – Dream Interpretation – Daniel 2

o v. 1-13 – Nebuchadnezzar had a dream…

o The king ordered that all wise men be killed if they could not tell him his dream and the meaning – this included Daniel and his friends

o v. 14-18 – Daniel asks for time and they go before the Lord for wisdom

o v. 19-30 – God gives Daniel the answer

o v. 31-35 – Daniel describes the dream and then interprets it – v. 36-45

· The Fiery Furnace – Daniel 3

o Nebuchadnezzar makes a golden image of himself and demands the worship of his people

o Worship – placing the will of your object of worship above all else

o Daniel’s three friends do not comply

o v. 15 – Neb asks, “What god is there that can deliver you out of my hands?”

o v. 17 – Either-way faith

o The men are thrown in the furnace – but a fourth joins them – who is this?

Lesson Two – The three Hebrew men had __either_-_way_ faith – they knew God __could___ save, but whether or not He ____would__ to save, either way they would only worship the True God

· The Writing on the Wall – Daniel 5

o When Belshazzar became king, he threw a big party – he defiled the items from the Temple of God

o In the middle of the party, a large hand appeared and wrote on the wall

o Daniel interpreted the inscription and told Belshazzar that his kingdom was coming to an end

· Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6

o King – 3 Satraps – 120 Commissioners

o The leadership wanted Daniel gone, so they devised a plan

o The king unknowingly signed off on the plan and Daniel’s response? v.10 – he did as he had previously been doing

o The king sorrowed over Daniel’s punishment but couldn’t change it

o God saved Daniel and the King decreed that all men should fear the God of Daniel

Lesson Three – Daniel had ___spiritual___ ___disciplines__ in place so that when the trial came, he would ___persevere______ - you cannot have success in the ___crisis____ until you have success in the ____process_______

III . Prophecy – Daniel 9

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