Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Truths the Flu has Unveiled

What a week this has been...if you can call it a week...feels like a month but I'm not sure what day it is today.

You see, I've had the flu.

Oh, some have said it's not the flu and others say it's a bug and still others say it's a nasty virus. I'll spare you the gory details but as best I can tell, it was the flu.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

All that aside, now that I am upright again, I have spent some time assessing the past forty-eight hours. Here are the top ten truths that I discovered from having the stomach flu:

10. TV is overrated. When you're healthy and busy and you stop and wonder, What am I missing that's on television right now? let me burst your bubble - you're missing nothing. I mean, come on, when "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" is the best option, you know it's sad.

9. Misery doesn't love company. Nothing made me sadder than when I heard that my son had spent the night doing "you-know-what" (I'm determined not to type the "V" word).

8. Bread and water are actually sufficient for survival. I think prisons that serve bread and water are getting a bum rap. Bread (toast or saltines) and water are enough for someone to survive and there are times that they actually do sound good together.

7. There is apparently a difference between Sprite and 7-Up. My son, Christopher, proved this because in a feverish state, 7-Up cannot touch his lips, but a can of Sprite goes down with a half-smile.

6. Dogs truly are man's (or woman's) best friend. No one wants to be around someone who has the stomach flu, except your dog. Maddie and Kona haven't left my side.

5. Being in bed for two days straight is a great time to polish up on your Bible memory. You don't want to sit up because the room spins and your head pounds worse. You don't want a t.v. on because it's just stupidity hour after hour. No one wants to be near you and you ache so much you can't sleep. What else could you do with this time? You've got it! It is a great time to iron out the rough spots in your Bible memory.

4. Chicken noodle soup, while having healing qualities, smells like spoiled meat when you're in the throes of the flu. Sorry, but it's truthful. I made a huge pot of soup for my daughter who had the flu before me and when it hit me, the smell of the soup nearly did me in. I don't mean to be offensive, but the truth needs to be told.

3. Life goes on without me. This is one of the hardest lessons I had to learn. Do you ever get to the point where you feel you are indispensable? Like so many lives are depending on you that you have to keep going no matter what? It's just not true. Life goes on. People adjust. And I need to quit thinking so highly of myself. (God has taught me this over and over - i.e. syrup explosion and tearing an ACL during a concert warm-up - you'd think by now I had learned this lesson...)

2. The body is an incredible creation. I've got to tell you - it was like clockwork. 9 hours of stomach ache which led to the "V" word. 9 hours of a fever. 9 hours of complete exhaustion. 9 hours of a headache. Then done. Back to almost normal - energy restored, my whole outlook on life was changed from complete despair and panic to, "Oh, I'm going to survive. What should I make for dinner?" I would love to see a replay of the last two days with the germs glowing in neon colors, just to see how they spread throughout the house and how the body combats against them. Fascinating.

1. Every breath is a gift from God. "I will give thanks to You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works and my soul knows it very well." Life is a gift from the Lord to His image bearers. Even in illness, our hearts can turn to Him for a time of sweet dependency. He is the Great Physician, the Omniscient Healer, who loves His children and wants them to love Him back. My mind went to friends who have battled cancer, and my heart breaks for their physical struggle, but when we are weak, then He is strong. Such beautiful testimonies come from physical dependency on the Lord! Even a small bout with the flu can reset a heart towards gratitude for all the Lord has given, His abounding mercy and His healing grace.

So, yeah, the stomach flu stinks, but it serves a purpose. I hope it hasn't creeped in the doors of your home, but if it has, hang in there - it leaves almost as quickly as it comes! Just remember to set your mind on the things above and let your family love on you...

...from a distance...

...not that distance will stop this locomotive from plowing over everyone in your house...

...what a week!


  1. So sorry, Kristen for the suffering but happy to hear your on the mend. It does make one appreciate the little things in life, like sitting upright. Yeah!!!

  2. A lot of great truths in here as well as great laughs. This one got read aloud to the whole family :o) btw you can keep your neon colored germs. Ewwww!
    Honestly though, I'm so glad you're feeling better and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way about tv.
    See you Saturday (or Sunday)

  3. Well my friend, Ive been praying for your family all week. As I read this I couldnt help but laugh. Its good to see that youve found your sense of humor again. There are also many truths as well, especially #1. Glad to hear that you and your family are on the mend. HUGS.

  4. So good to hear you are sitting upright again. Sounds like a ferocious flu .. I hope it stays away from our doors.
    Love the 10 Truths Unveiled, especially the one about not being indispensable. I too have had to learn this over and over. I think as it really sinks in, it is easier to let go of this pilgrimage and get excited for our final abode.
    God Bless and keep you well dear one.