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Notes for Lesson Eleven

Lesson 11 – Samuel, Saul, David

I and II Samuel

I. Time for a change – introduction to I Samuel – 1050 B.C. to 586 B.C. (500 years of Kingdom Living

A. The Dark Ages

· The priesthood was ____corrupt_____ – I Samuel 2:12-17, 22-25

· The ark of the covenant was no longer in the ___tabernacle______ – I Sam. 4:3-11

· ____Idolatry____ was practiced – I Sam. 7:3,4

· The judges were ____dishonest______ – I Sam. 8:2,3

· The people clamored for an earthly ____king___ – I Sam. 8:4-7

B. God raised up a final judge to usher in the time of the Kings - I Samuel 1-7

· Hannah

· Samuel - a man of prayer

o He was a child of ___prayer_____ – I Samuel 3:1-19

o He brought victory to his people through ___prayer_____ – 7:5-10

o When the people wanted a king, Samuel went to the Lord in _____prayer________– 8:6

o Intercessory prayer was the ___keynote__ of his life – 12:19-23

II. The First King – I Samuel 8-15

A. The Warning – chapter 8

B. Saul

· How did Saul fail God?

1. His ____offering____without Samuel – I Samuel 13:11-13

2. ___Cruelty______ to his son, Jonathan – I Samuel 14:44

3. ___Disobedience_____ in the matter of Amalek – I Samuel 15:23

4. His jealousy and hatred of ____David____ – I Samuel 18:29

5. His sinful appeal to the ____witch____of Endor – I Samuel 28:7

III. Israel’s Second King – God’s choice – David – I Samuel 16-31

A. An unlikely King is chosen – I Samuel 16,17

· Samuel is sent to Bethlehem to find David – I Samuel 16:1-13

· Why is David anointed? Because of his __heart___ (13:14

· Soothing the King with his music

· David and Goliath – I Samuel 17

B. Saul’s jealousy – I Samuel 18

· David’s popularity is spreading

· I Samuel 18:20-30 – what?

C. David becomes King – II Samuel 1-6

· II Samuel begins with David finding out that Saul is dead

· In II Samuel 5:1-11 David goes after the people who killed Saul and regains the ______ark of the covenant______

· Then he defeats the city of ____Jerusalem_____ and claims it for Israel

· Uzzah

· II Samuel 6:12-23 – David and Michal

D. The Temple Matter – II Samuel 7:1-29

· After 7 years of establishing his kingdom, cleaning out the land, uniting the people, David finds strength, power and peace

· He wants to build a house for the Lord

· The Davidic Covenant:

· God would establish David’s _____son's____ kingdom

· _God____ would be a father to this son and this son would be a son to Him

· He would ____discipline_____ him as a father

· He would not remove His ______lovingkindness_____ from Him

· David’s house and kingdom would endure ____forever______

· David’s ____throne______ would endure forever

· Basically, David’s descendants would have an everlasting kingdom and would be know as the sons of God

IV. David’s sin – II Samuel 11

V. The rest of King David’s life

· David was a man after God’s own heart, not because of boasted perfection, but because of _____confessed___ imperfections

· He ruled for ____40_____ years

· He wrote the majority of the _____Psalms___

· II Samuel 11-20 mark David’s downfall

· Absalom

· II Samuel 20-24 tell of David’s last days

· II Samuel 24:18-25 – David went to Jerusalem to make an offering to the Lord

· “I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God which cost me nothing…”

· Psalm 118:15-24 – David understood that the Messiah would come through his family and that the Messiah would be rejected

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