Friday, January 1, 2010

What Will Happen in 2010?

Those of you who know me know my interest in the scripture that tells of Christ's return for His bride. I love end times studies, blogs, discussion boards and even those end-of-the-world movies. So as we enter a new year and we think through the events of the old one and wonder about the events of the new one, my mind is naturally drawn to Christ's return.

Obviously He didn't choose to return in 2009, and at the start of 2009 I didn't expect Him to, just as I do not expect Him to return in 2010. Don't get me wrong - I live with expectancy, but not of a surprise rapture, but rather with the expectancy of fulfilled prophecy pointing to His coming. In His Olivet Discourse, Christ listed exactly what to look for before His return, since the disciples had asked Him that very question. He described natural disasters and human-imposed persecution, false Christs and prophets performing all kinds of wonders to mislead the masses and lawlessness abounding. He instructed His followers to flee and hide and wait for the supernatural heavenly sign of His return - the natural lights darkening and then as lightening flashes in the sky, Christ will return, His glory filling the darkness, bringing great joy to believers and great dread to the rest of the world.

Then Christ said, "Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door." (Matthew 24:32,33) Here is the call to live with expectancy. Just as nature reveals what is coming next (falling leaves means winter is coming, tender buds promise of warmer weather), Christ had just given a description of what to look for before His return.

So as I said earlier, I live with the expectancy of fulfilled prophecy pointing to Christ's return. So what has happened this past year that falls in the list that Christ gave? Yes, we have had war in the world and many, many rumors of war. There has been famine and earthquakes as well. There has been persecution of believers all over the world and plenty of false prophets to add to the list. These things are all general descriptions of the downfall of humanity that have been happening since Adam, though I think I could make a good case that they have increased in intensity in the past few years.

But one of the more specific things that Christ described, a man of lawlessness standing in the holy place, is not yet upon us. First of all, there is no "holy place" for him to desecrate. But mark my words, it's coming and last year was a big year for the Temple Mount Institute, as they prepare for the day that they will restore the sacrificial system in Jerusalem. To date, they have made ready all the utensils and garments for the priests to perform their duties and this past year they built an altar. They have purported on their website that they have prefabricated the walls of the Temple and upon permission, a holy place will be erected within weeks. Add to that the political talk of dividing Jerusalem and establishing an official Palestinian state, plus the continued threat of Iran's nuclear program, and Israel remains the center of attention for prophecy watchers.

In addition to no Temple, this man of lawlessness is still a mystery. Many have theories and I have read some pretty convincing reports claiming to know the identity of the anti-Christ. But for now, he still remains a secret. But in the past year, the concept of a One World currency became front and center of the economic crisis that hit the world in the fall of 2008. I have read reports that not only are the world leaders considering this move to a common currency, but that banks already are in possession of the monetary unit. I have also read that instead of currency, the world is turning to complete electronic transactions which would require micro chips to be embedded in the body as a identification and record-keeping device. Whether or not either of these claims are true, they are definitely preparing the world for what believers know will be a time of alignment with a ruler that demands worship and kills anyone without his identification mark.

One other event that has moved us closer to literal fulfillment of Jesus' words was the gathering of the world leaders in Copenhagen to discuss the issue of global warming and how to solve this life-threatening crisis. Without recognizing that "He's got the whole world in His hands..." the world has clamored to the conclusion that if we all work together, we can save the world, or at least make it a better place. With that delusion as their motivation, the world leaders, despite evidence to the contrary, began the process of developing a treaty that will hold every nation accountable for its CO2 emissions, forcing developed nations to pay underdeveloped nations for their emission rights. I don't see how this decreases the CO2 emissions, but it spreads out the wealth in the world. I am sure I am simplifying what was discussed there, but the bottom line is, when the world finishes this treaty, America will no longer be an independent, free nation, but we will be linked to a One World Governing unit which puts us one step closer to a realization of a one world ruler that has the capability of demanding something upon the whole world.

It's been a busy year. A lot has happened, putting us one year closer to Christ's return than we were at the start of 2009. What will happen in 2010? I can't say for sure, but I can say that it's going to be another year of expectancy and watching for me. By the way, the picture above is a fig tree - it's a pretty simple concept that requires all of us to be watching...


  1. Hi Kristen,

    What a beautiful day to start a new year! Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and powdery snow on the ground! And I join you in watching!!! Not just watching, but also keeping the lamp trimmed, spending time in His Word, getting to know Him better, and living for his purpose instead of our own! Encouraging each other, and all the more as we see the day approaching! We had a blessed month celebrating Christ's birth, and thinking of the purpose of his coming! I hope your Holidays were blessed as well!


  2. Thanks, Laurie! Glad to hear you survived the holiday month! We were out in Colorado after Christmas and I am pleased to say we all came home in one piece. Dave and the kids did great with the skiing - they said it was a combination of thrill and sheer terror...

    Yes, I am looking forward to an exciting year of growing in my relationship with the Lord - He never ceases to amaze me!

  3. I tried to leave my comment several times under your Proverbs post Kristen but the comments wouldn't open up.

    We know the world is heading toward that one world ruler and the pace just seems to be quickening with all the daily headlines. It is going to happen. We can't stop it.

    Ignorance breeds fear but with knowledge comes peace. I think that is somewhat synonymous with Proverbs 1:33. When we look at Proverbs we are looking into God's mind and His wisdom. It's when we keep our eyes on Him and walk in obedience to His word that we have peace. We will be at ease from the dread (or fear) of evil.

    Looking forward to growing in wisdom with you too. I hope there will be many more postings on your gleanings in Proverbs!

  4. Wait a minute! I just saw that post was from Beth! Beth, keep posting! We have much to be blessed by you!

  5. Hey Kathy...
    Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure what happened with the comments on my post, but Paul and I just fixed it. It was late last night and my computer froze up and I had to reboot. I thought I'd lost the whole post, but it managed to save as a draft, even though it told me there was a problem and it hadn't. I wasn't able to edit it, but finally pushed enough buttons to get it posted...but then the comments didn't work! Oh well..I'm learning!

  6. What a great way to open the blog in 2010! The discussions on the global warming and emissions cost of each nations, though scary in that it means we're one step closer to one world government and the beginning of the end, it is yet exciting in that we are closer then ever in the coming of our King! And that is a very exciting thought!