Monday, January 18, 2010


Sorry, gals. This isn't going to be eloquent or life changing. Just a quick update and then I have to fine tune my lesson for tomorrow.

This weekend I was in Philadelphia with the nine boys in the picture at the National Indoor Soccer Championships. Seven of them are from my son's high school and two from their cross-area rivals, Freedom. To watch these young men come together and compete on the same team, having fiercely compete against each other in the past was an amazing feat in and of itself. But to see them battle against teams who were physically much larger, and with skill and teamwork get themselves into the finals - that was just an absolute joy! We lost in the finals in overtime to the team which won last year but that hardly put a damper on the fun that we had. So, I just wanted share my me, there are a lot of stories from this weekend!

And before I sign off, I want to share a prayer request with you. Dave left this morning at 3 a.m. for Haiti in an airplane filled with medical supplies from Amway. He accompanied James MacDonald from Harvest in Elgin, and Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill in Seattle. These pastors are meeting with church leaders in Haiti to see how the church in America can reach out and help the church in Haiti. Dave is a part of these meetings and has connections with supplies through International Aid. Right now they are at a seminary and Dave just texted me that they heard gunshots and there was a body down outside the seminary. I know things are very unstable, to say the least, so please pray for safety and wisdom for this team. Liberia was a great trip for him and this Haiti trip happened rather quickly, so he has hardly had time to get his bearings. Lord-willing, he will return on Tuesday night.

Check out this website - - this is the site that James and Mark have posted, encouraging the church to rise up and meet the needs of fellow believers in Haiti.

Have a great day and I'll see most of you tomorrow!



  1. Praying for safety for all of them and for the people of Haiti.

  2. Spoke with Dave earlier this evening. They are somewhat safe. They are locked in a secure building until day light. Tomorrow the film crew will continue to film the testimonies of the pastors and believers and by 3 they should head back to the states. Thank you for your continued prayers!

  3. By the way, Dave is home safely and boy, does he have stories to tell! Anyone who can come is invited to come to International Aid on Saturday night at 7:30, to hear what Churches Helping Churches is all about, as well as receive an update on the trip and learn of International Aid's involvement. We will end with a time of prayer for the church in Haiti. If you need directions, email me or give me a call!

    Thank you for your prayers - James, Mark and Dave said they never have felt such prayer cover before...

  4. I was hoping you would have an update here! Glad he was there. Thankful for what they accomplished. Thankful they made it home safely. How I wish I could be there Saturday night! Hopefully you'll blog a bit about it???