Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Wish

This is kind of a big weekend:  
  • It's the last weekend before the holiday season officially kicks off (with Thanksgiving and then on into December).  
  • It's the last weekend we can say, "Hasn't snowed yet!" (Snow on Wednesday, supposedly...)
  • It's the last weekend we can set aside thoughts about Christmas shopping (Are they really moving black Friday up to Wednesday this year???)
  • It's the last weekend we can look at our fireplace and not feel guilty that there aren't stockings hanging yet (As the kids get older, is there any other option for girls' stockings than perfume and lip gloss?)
  • It's the last weekend you can find a radio station that won't play Christmas music 24/7
Okay, gals - it's coming and we can't stop it, so we might as well enjoy our last, holiday-pressure-free weekend.  So I'll make this short and sweet.  My wish for you this weekend is that you find time to take a walk with someone you love, that you stay up late and sleep in late, that you pop in a favorite worship CD and read a good book, that you eat a cookie without wondering how many calories you just ingested, that you hug your children without wondering if you need a bigger size than you bought, that you don't even think about where to put the tree yet - but most of all, spend time with your Savior, reading His love letter to you with a good cup of coffee.

Because a week from now, the craziness begins and you'll wish you had savored the stillness while you had it.

Have a great weekend!



  1. They're moving it up to Wednesday!! There goes all my shopping plans.

  2. Hi, Danish!

    I heard they were messing with the start up date, but I am sure the main sales are on Friday! Hate to throw a wrench in your plans...How was Sarah Palin? Did you get to shake her hand? I hear she's really tiny...