Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reason number 87 to be in the Word

(I think I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but it is our power source...)

Follow my logic - if "faith" is believing the Word of God and acting on it, no matter how I feel, because God promises a good result, then how can you step out and walk by faith without being in the Word of God? Think about it and fill in the blanks:

By faith, Noah _______.
By faith, Abraham ___________.
By faith, Joseph ___________.
By faith, Peter _________.
By faith, Paul _________.

Each one of these men acted on God's instruction in their life and walked by faith. But how often do people say they are stepping out in faith, without knowing God's Word? The conversation goes like this:

"It's going to take a lot of faith, but I know this is what God wants for me."

"How do you know this is what God wants for you?"

"I just feel this is right."

"Oh, you feel it."


How much greater would it be to make decisions in life based on the Word? So when people ask you, you can say, "This is what God's Word says, therefore, by faith, it's what I am going to do!" Doesn't that make more sense? Ground our life decisions on the Word of God and then by faith, act on them?

When we walk by feelings, then there's no difference between us and unbelievers (Eph.4:17-32). When we walk by the Word, that's when faith kicks into high gear. We aren't going to need faith in heaven, so we may as well use it up while we're here on earth.

So, let me give you one more thing to think about and fill in the blanks:

By faith, (your name here) __________.

(What do you do by faith?)


  1. Actually, that's a good thing to hear over and over again! And what a history of the results of faith! Nice to know it never changes/He never changes, so the walk is still the same!


  2. When we compare the amount of conversation recorded between God and these men, and then we see what He has given us in His scriptures, we've really got it made!

  3. We've got it made, and, have no excuses either for choosing not to walk according to the Word and choosing to walk by our feelings. A believer just needs to read (or hear) one time - "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly" or "study to show yourself approved" and we are accountable to do just that. His instructions are not suggestions!

    "When we walk by the Word, that's when faith kicks into high gear."

    I like that...