Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend Wish

Well, friends, I have just spent the last hour trying to make this blog look seasonal...I've lost half my settings and adding a post is a new challenge, but in the end, I think it works!

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, but ladies, a new season is upon us, and it's time to roll up our sleeves and embrace the change! Yes, you know what I am talking about...that change where your house goes from browns and oranges to reds and greens! Where your blueberry candles get traded out with evergreen scents. Where your snowmen replace your pumpkins and where your mums get exchanged for poinsettias!

Yes, it's Christmastime. Did any of you do the black Friday thing? I'd love to hear your stories! As for the Wisen family, we put up trees and jammed them full with ornaments, filled our mantle with greenery and lights, hung a few wreaths, set out our nativity scene, re-vacuumed the whole house and collapsed on the couch. No lines or power shopping for us...

Christmas seemed to sneak up on me this year. I'm not sure why and it's not like I'm behind in my preparation, I just don't have that "feeling" yet. So I am going to start with the basics and give you a preparatory wish for the season for your Weekend Wish.

My wish for you is that you remember this one fact about Christmas this weekend: Jesus came.

That's it.

Jesus came.

Let me show you how my mind works: Jesus came. He showed up. He said He would and He did. It's a done deal. We don't live like the OT saints who looked ahead to a promise - we can see the promise kept, fulfilled, completed. Even though we have eternity to look forward to, there are no "what if's" or "I hope's", because Jesus came. He showed up. He did exactly what He said He would.

The next question in my mind would be this: how is my life different because Jesus came? I won't give you my answer but you think about it yourself. I would also ask: What if I was on the other side of this historic event (like the OT saints)? What would my faith look like? Which side would I rather be on?

That's really the foundational fact of Christmas - it's what the "advent" is all about: Jesus came.

He showed up.

It's done.

To start out this season, let's agree to stick with the basics and set our minds on the things above. If our mind stays there, then imagine where our conversations will go...

Have a great weekend!



  1. Thats a tricky question to answer "What if I was on the other side. . . " If I were on the other side I would think that my faith would be unshakable, given the lack of disractions of living now. I guess one could argue that it is those very distractions that put me right into the "unshakable" category today, but it requires more effort.
    Hmm...that *is* a good question...

  2. Yeah, I agree, it's a good question. To a certain extent, though we have received the promise because we know the history of it, we have the additional promise of His second coming. He promised to come and save us from our sin, and He promised to return. Because He faithfully kept His first promise, to a tee, I might add, we know He's good for the second!

  3. Oh, that leads me to a question.... My son and I were talking about the second coming, (he's 8), and I said that no one knows the day/time of it not even Jesus. He said that Jesus must know because Jesus is God. I told him I needed to think about that one.... any suggestions?? Before I forget - thank you for Bible Study it has been a wonderful experience!

  4. 8 years old! Good question!

    I think you have two choices with this one. The first is that contained within the mystery of the Triune Godhead, the Father is the one who pulls the trigger on the timing of this event and somehow the other two Persons of the Trinity are left in the dark. Not sure that is a great answer, but then again, the whole concept of the Trinity raises enough questions of its own that we have to simply accept rather than reason through.

    The second option is that when Jesus took on human form, he laid aside some of his deity and when he taught about His return, He didn't have access to that information. For example, we know that God is omnipresent, yet Jesus couldn't have been omnipresent in human form. We know He displayed through His healing hand and miracles some of His omnipotence, yet He chose to subdue its full potential. Did He limit His omniscience? Apparently.

    Jesus was definitely teaching that He was in a submissive relationship with the Father while on earth. I think that within the second option you see Jesus displaying submission to His Father.

    My son, when he was 7, came home from school and asked me, "If Jesus is God, then who was up in heaven watching over the earth when Jesus died on the cross?" I patted him on the head and said, "We'll ask daddy when he gets home!" The point is, there are some things in the Word that are hard for us to wrap our minds around and it is at those times God gives us the gift of faith to believe without complete understanding.

    Personally, I believe that He knows right now what the plan is, but in His humanity, He limited Himself...

    Hope this helps - any other thoughts on this out there? (Kathy)


  5. I love it when my children ask questions like that! Not only are they thinking about great truths, they are forcing me to re-visit some of my own questions! A couple of thoughts come to my mind when thinking about that one. Questionings of my own.

    The first thing that occurs to me in reading that passage is that we are thinking in terms of "days and hours." While Christ was here in the flesh, he experienced (possibly for the first time) the limitation of time. Obviously he knew the events leading up to his second coming, and he gave us a list of things to watch for, but that is a sequence. Is it possible he really didn't,and still doesn't, know the exact "day and hour"?

    Second, when Christ says something like this, it makes me also wonder about his prayer in the garden, begging God to "take this cup" as if there might possibly be another way of reconciliation that had not been revealed to Christ himself. As if the same could happen for him as had happened for Abraham and Isaac. Why would Christ even bother asking if he already knew it was the only way. Perhaps even within the Godhead, Christ is aware that there are some things that God holds back, and he himself submits, trusting the Father in all things.

    In the end, I just choose to trust, and praise Him for giving me faith to do even that! There are so many things I would love to know more clearly! But I am certainly happy for what he has already revealed, and that he keeps his word in all things. And this I know because, like you said, Kristen, HE CAME! And so I know he is coming again! In the fullness of time....


  6. You covered it very well Kristen. Don't think I can add anything. I do remember our discussion of this awhile ago. When you say Jesus knows the plan, I'm assuming you mean He knows the timing of the plan as well. I agree He knows the plan but I wonder if He is waiting for the Father to say, "Ok it's time.” There are three different minds in the Godhead, right? Does the Father think the same thoughts as the Son, the Holy Spirit?

    This might be one of those topics which raises more questions than answers...

    (By the way...I don't do the Black Friday thing...not a shopper! Daisy and I decorated...)

  7. So here's a question, did Jesus know the timing prior to His first coming? Then, when He took on human flesh, He knowledge became limited? That doesn't really make sense to me. Did He know again once He returned to the Father? It's makes me think He truly doesn't know the exact day or hour. One thing I am so grateful for is that I now understand the truth that the church will not be gathered prior to the great tribulation, but will be delivered out of it. It's like Laurie said, He knows the events leading up to His second coming. He wonderfully has instructed us so we are not left in the dark...

    Sorry Kristen, you know how I am with coming up with more questions! It's like you've said before, He's given us what we need to know, He'll take care of the rest. We just walk by faith concerning the things with which we do not have full understanding. He loves it when we trust Him!

  8. I wasn't going to go here because it might feel like opening Pandora's box, but here goes...

    The offer of Jesus Christ as the Messiah to the Jewish people, let alone the whole world, was a genuine offer that was rejected. After its rejection, a final book of prophecy was given. I believe if it had been accepted, then Jesus would still have died for the sins of man, but would have risen to Kingship. Maybe he would have ascended and come right back down. I don't know exactly how it would have happened, but I know it was an honest offer. I also know that an uprising and a man of lawlessness as described in Daniel could have happened directly after the resurrection.

    Since it was rejected, the time of the Gentiles began and the timing of the fulfillment of the OT prophecies were extended, though they will still be literally fulfilled, along with Revelation. In light of that, the day or the hour of His return was truly in the hands of the Father, since Christ was sincere in His offer of Messiahship.

    Now, of course, God was not surprised with the response since He is sovereign over all, yet somehow that offer wasn't a ruse - it was real. So try to fit that in with all the other mind-boggling concepts, but my point is, I believe that while Christ was on earth, there were some things He chose to lay aside - omniscience being one. That would make His offer sincere and leave the timing in the hands of God.

    That's a technical answer - I still think in simplicity He was displaying submission to the will of the Father...

    But I will add that I don't think in eternity He is limited by any means, so I would lean to the fact that He's aware of the timing of His return and isn't waiting for a decision to be made...but that's just my opinion...

  9. Okay, now....we need a table with lots of coffee and Bibles on it! Do you think, then, that Jesus thought the people might actually accept the offer? Yep...Pandora's Box alright. That's just one question of many more that are forming in my feeble brain.

  10. I doubt He thought they would accept it, seeing the spiritual condition of the religious leaders and the fickleness of the still had to be a valid offer...

  11. "But of that day and hour knoweth no *man*, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."(KJV) Okay so I've thought about this most the entire day and read through what has been posted for help too.
    What if Jesus did know the hour and day when asked, but instead answered the question like He did to impress upon them and us that the first commandment is the most important.
    I guess I'm thinking that *we* are not to know, if we did wouldn't our faith be changed somehow? By directing us to remain faithful He is assuring that He *is* giving the correct answer. Also, the signs He gives indicate that He does know.
    It occurs to me also that the second coming is not to save, but to judge, and gather, therefore it's better we don't know when so those who are in faith are so with real faith, not "Oops Tuesday Jesus is coming I better straighten out my act"....
    Yep, big table - lots of coffee ;-)

  12. I think you are right Kristen. I think after His resurrection He resumed full knowledge again, knowing the timing of His return. In Acts 1:7 Jesus tells His disciples that it was not for them to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority. Then in Matthew 28:18, at the great commission, He says, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and earth... (Can't have coffee...will there be hot chocolate?)

  13. For a discussion like this we should have a selection of hot beverages . . and PIE!

  14. Hot chocolate and vanilla cream pie...oh yeah! (Made me laugh...)

  15. I wish I knew who "smllvoice" the blog name...

  16. You ladies are torturing a woman on a diet...

    Do you think we could have cheesecake???

    Thanks for the food for thought today, gals. Not that we completely figured out the Godhead and how He operates, but it was a lot of fun mulling it around. By the way, I love how "Elohim" is a plural word that uses singular verbs! (i.e. They is going to the store.) They are distinct from each other but act completely in sync!

  17. Oh my, and here I am watching my carbs... how about a diabetic pie?? Not gonna cut it for this discussion!

  18. Save the pie/cheesecake idea for when we are sitting around his table! Then the carbs don't count! Nor the fat! Right? Don't burst my bubble on that one, please.....

  19. Goodness gracious! Thank you all for your insights and kind words!! And for making me laugh! And hungry for dessert ;-) Thought my profile pic would give away who I was ??? Maybe we should have this discussion LOUDLY in some restaurant that serves all kinds of hot beverages and desserts - that'll shake em' up.
    He he....
    Seriously though, again thank you all for your input it was a great help.

  20. I did feel kinda bad after my vanilla cream pie comment...sorry about that Kristen. Laurie, either our resurrection bodies will metabolize anything we eat perfectly, or (close your eyes Kristen) pie and cheesecake won't have calories in heaven...

    Good, fun discussion.

  21. Agreed! And I am still digesting the thoughts. At least they won't hurt my diet!

    Have a great time of worship tomorrow!

  22. My stars! I go away for a weekend to Ohio and look what happens...21 comments on one post! Love it! profile pic shows for me....who are you ??? Do tell!

  23. Hey Skinny! Welcome back from Ohio. Make sure you look at my Thanksgiving album at my blog...there's bokeh in it!

  24. Sorry, guess only a couple of you in Bible Study know us. I'm Dawn, born and raised in a small town called Lemont, IL where my husband Rob and I lived until he transferred here to Michigan for work in 2002. Before moving I worked for Argonne National Laboratory as a Budget Assistant. We have a daughter Anna (comes to bible study with me)and a son, Shane also. Have been coming to HBC now for I think 4 or 5 years. Love the church, love the people!!! Does that help GloryBabies3? ;-)

  25. Why yes Dawn it does! And may I just say that I love your sweet scripture memorizing daughter Anna! My parents live right next door to where you grew up, in Lockport...Homer Glen actually and I was born in Hinsdale and raised in Western Springs, IL. For a while, after we were married, my husband and I lived in a condo in Darien that backed up to Argonne, I think! Work brought us up here too. Thanks for posting! Beth