Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tired Out?

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles, 
they will run and not get tired,
they will walk and not become weary.
Isaiah 40:31

Are you ever just plain old worn out?

What makes you tired?  Long days at work? Chasing little ones around the house? Driving big ones all over town? Yard work? Laundry? Gardening? Grocery shopping, over and over again?

What about worry?  Do you ever get worn out just worrying about something?  Your body aches and your head hurts and you just want to shut the blinds and climb in bed for the afternoon?

Then add to that anxiousness - the 'what ifs' of life can wear us out.  What if the car breaks down? What if he doesn't come home? What if the baby isn't healthy? What if we run short this month? What if the sale falls through?  So many unknowns - they can wear you out, as well.

And then there's doubt - doubt can make you tired.  Does he really love me?  Can I truly weather this storm?  Where is God in all of this?  I feel so alone…

Isaiah 40 is a wonderful chapter.  It's filled with very recognizable verses which point to the greatness of our God.  And it ends with our verse above, explaining the source of eternal strength.  Let me give you some highlights from this chapter, explaining how unique and awesome our God is:
  • v. 3 - the call to flatten the lands because God is coming! This is the verse that John the Baptist made famous by declaring the coming of Jesus.  It sets the stage for this majestic chapter by declaring that God is coming as King to fulfill His Word and promises to His people
  • v. 7, 8 - compares people to grass and flowers which fade, but the Word of the Lord stands forever - this truth is foundational to the Christian's faith.  God is unchanging - He is what He is and will do what He says. That's why His Word never fades or changes therefore we can trust that God will accomplish what He says He will - no doubt, no anxiety, no fear that maybe He isn't Who He says He is
  • v. 10 - He will come with might and He will reward the faithful and deal with the wicked - promise
  • v. 11 - He loves us like a shepherd and will gently gather and carry us
  • v. 12 - Do you realize Who God is?  He measures the universe in the palm of His hand!  Spread out your fingers - from your thumb to your pinky, it's probably about nine inches - that's all it takes for God to measure the UNIVERSE!!!  How big is our God???
  • v. 13-14 - Who is God's advisor?  Who taught Him anything?  (Rhetorical question, friends)
  • v. 15-17 - nations are compared to a drop in a bucket and a speck of dust - how completely absorbed are we with politics and they are nothing compared to God
  • v. 18-20 - would we compare God to an idol made of metal or wood?  Man has crafted these dead images - Who is like our God?
  • v. 21-26 - Do you not realize Who you are talking about?  The Creator of the universe who controls all rulers and authorities, Who sits above the earth and stretches out the heavens as a curtain above Him, created the stars and knows them by name…
  • v. 28-30 - though man gets worn out, the Almighty God never tires, never aches, never needs a power nap to get through the day - He knows all things and even that doesn't wear Him out
So let's get back to your weariness.  What is on your mind that God is not greater than?  The Maker of all things has redeemed us, He has justified us, He has adopted us and wants us to call Him Father.  He has provided for us, He has loved us, He has revealed Himself and He has given us His Spirit.  Wait on Him.  Set your eyes on Him.  Put your thoughts upon Him.  Let the knowledge of the unchanging, all-powerful God be your power source.

And watch your weariness fade.


  1. Wonderful chapter, with great words of encouragement for anyone who reads it. Thanks for posting!!