Friday, July 20, 2012

Mid-Summer Report

Well, it's almost Dave's birthday, which means it's about the middle of the summer.  I thought I'd give you all a quick update on what's going on this fall and what you have to look forward to!

First of all, the elder's and staff wives have been working on a Women's Day Event for the end of September.  It's a one day event for the women in our church and for their friends - well, really for the community - and you're not going to want to miss it!  Why one day?  Because we believe that due to work schedules, children and husbands, going away for the weekend can be pretty complicated.  Putting this event on one day will allow our working gals, wives, and mothers - really every woman - to get together and have a day just set aside for them!

Logos have been designed, special music has been planned, a speaker from the other side of the world has agreed to bless us...and that's just the tip of the ice berg!  Our committee has grown to almost twenty gals, so please know that a lot of preparation and prayer has gone into it. As a matter of fact, we've been praying for those the Lord will bring to our event, and that just may be YOU!

So, set aside Saturday, September 29th, and don't agree to do anything on that day!  Save that date for us!  I don't want to spoil the fun, so I'll just say one more thing - Sunday, August 12th is the day you'll get the information in your hands...remember - this is for all women, whether or not you attend Harvest Spring Lake, we want you to plan on joining us...

Secondly, I wanted you to know that I have been studying the Sermon on the Mount in preparation for our fall Ladies Study and it has been rocking my world!  Wow, God is so much bigger and I am so much should I put it?  I simply am not the same because of this study!  I have to admit, whenever I am preparing a study, I think it's the greatest subject ever, but this time, I might just be right!  It's powerful, gals - life changing...while I study and beat myself over the head with the truth of the Word, please know I am praying for you, that the Lord would now be preparing you for what He wants to teach you this fall.  I hope you're planning on joining us - three chapters of rich, nutritious meat of the's going to be a good one!

Beth is also working away on her study on Women in the Word for the first of the year. I am so stoked about this study, as well - she's got a great challenge for us prepared and I know she is bathing her preparation time in prayer.

Oh, and I've got our memory passage picked out for the fall - I'm not going to tell you what it is because I know Nancy Wolbers is such an over achiever that she would have it done by the first study if I did. I will just say this - it's a lot shorter than Psalm 139 and it's a good one, too!

Well, you're now caught up and fully aware of what's coming...well, maybe not fully, but at least you have a taste of what's in store for the fall.  Do me a favor - would you consider praying for Beth and I every Tuesday morning from now until study begins?  Please pray for our preparation - that we would be responsible with the awesome task set before us, that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading and that we would complete our study in a timely manner.  Tuesday is when we normally meet, so that's why I picked that day.  As a matter of fact, don't just pray for us, pray for all the women who will be a part of the study this year - that God would move them to attend, that God would give them understanding and that they would be changed because of the time spent in His Word.

One final request - I think I have two teachers for the children's program. We need just one more.  We really want God's woman in this role - please pray that He would provide the final teacher. I am thrilled with His choice for number one - number two hasn't fully committed but is close and number three is still unknown.  This is really a big ministry - please pray for His provision, as well as for the children who will be a part of our study this fall.

Okay - that's you all!  Can't wait for September!


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  1. Excited about this now for sure!!! Can't wait!!