Monday, December 19, 2011

One Thing I Respect about Atheists

I gave up watching Extreme Home Makeover a few years ago when I realized that crying through a television show was annoying to my family. I don't know what it is, but hearing the sad stories and then seeing the families' responses to their brand new house always made me cry. As the tears would well up, inevitably someone would say, "There goes mom again!" And then the others would be like, "Wow, that was quicker than last week!" and "Really? That made you cry?" I blame it on menopause, but in truth, sentimental Kleenex commercials and Extreme Home Makeover shows just have a way of turning on the proverbial eye-faucets.

Anyway, last Friday night one of my daughters and I were flipping channels and there was an Extreme Home Makeover Christmas special. Two hours of tear-filled Christmas wonder! At least that's what I thought. Oh, yes, there was a tear or two, but in the end I was actually a bit sad. Two complete hours and no mention of Jesus. There was one "God" but it was more of a used-in-vain scenario, and there was a mention that the woman of the poor family had been told by her pastor that things would get better, so the word "BETTER" was put on her bedroom wall in huge letters as a reminder that because of EHM, things were actually better. Not because of God or Jesus, mind you.

There were carpenter Santas, elves, candy canes, outside house decorating contests, more Christmas lights than you would ever want to tackle, fake snow, carolers but no Jesus.

That's when I realized that I appreciate atheists during this season. Let me explain.

Christmas is nothing without Jesus. There is no meaning or purpose for the holiday without Him and atheists get that - that's why they hate Christmas. At least they have the integrity to hate a holiday that has its foundations in the Gospel message - God became man in the form of a baby as a gift to restore man's broken relationship with Himself. This baby would eventually grow up and become the Savior of the world by dying on the cross and bearing the wrath of His Father for the sins of fallen man. He would die, be buried and on the third day, rise from the dead. That's what Christmas is all about.

Atheists completely deny this truth, therefore they look at Christmas as the celebration of a lie. So they reject Christmas.

At least they are faithful to their beliefs, even though they are wrong.

To have a two hour special - ON GIVING - void of Jesus Christ, and label it as a Christmas makes no sense. How can you celebrate CHRISTmas without acknowledging Jesus? The longer I watched the show, the more disheartened I became that Christmas has become a pagan celebration rather than a time to celebrate the greatest gift ever given.

This week as Christmas approaches make sure that Jesus is the focus of your holiday. See Him in your tree, your gifts, your preparations and your family. Remember why we celebrate His birth and lead your family to the foot of the cross.

And pray for the atheists who reject but truly understand the meaning of Christmas, as well as those who love Christmas but have no clue that Jesus is truly the reason for the season.


  1. Yes, the only way to make Christmas significant and meaningful is by fixing our eyes on Immanuel!

  2. Amen, the Child of the manger is the upmost importance as the center of the Christmas message!!!

  3. I love your perspective on this. Our church went caroling this past week, passing out cookies and christmas cards with the gospel on them. We knocked on one door and started singing, only to be cut short by this man yelling that he is an atheist and expressing his anger and offense that we had intruded upon his private space. It was a bit disconcerting at first, but we "shook the dust off our feet" and kept walking. I was, of course, sad for this man, but I never would have made the connection that he actually recognizes something about this holiday that most of the god-believing world does not. Thanks for your insightful words! God bless you this CHRISTmas season with your family. And don't hold back the tears, lol; one day your kids will get it :)