Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good morning, friends. Today we are going to have a pop quiz...this is for my study gals...

In about a week and a half we will start back up in our study of the big picture of the Bible. For those of you who were at church on Christmas morning, my husband gave a great review of what we have been studying! If you weren't there and would like to hear it, you can check out our service at the link below - it starts at about the 52 minute mark and lasts about 15 minutes. I would recommend watching the whole thing because it was a wonderful service!

In preparation for returning to our study, I thought a review quiz would be fun! Below is a list of terms that we have studied to this point in our gatherings and beneath them are their definitions. Get out a piece of paper and write 1-24 on the left hand side. Then beside each number write the letter that gives the definition to that vocabulary word.

As an added help, I would write out each word so that you can scroll down to the definitions and just stay there, but you'll figure out what's easiest for you. Sorry this formatting is not the greatest - it's the best I could come up with in blogger world.

Take your time and when you are done, you can check your answers in the back of your student notebook if you have one from our study. It is the first 24 words on the vocab list. If you don't have that list, comment here or send me an email and I'll send you one via the internet.

Have fun and I'll see you on January 10th!


1. Covenant

2. Eternal Covenant

3. Covenant of Works

4. Creation

5. Curse

6. Noaic Covenant

7. Patriarchs

8. Abrahamic Covenant

9. Worship

10. Israel

11. Sacrifice

12. Passover

13. Manna

14. The Pentateuch

15. The Mosaic Covenant

16. The Law

17. Tabernacle

18. Sacrificial System

19. Priest

20. Conquest

21. Judge

22. Kinsman Redeemer

23. Davidic Covenant

24. Psalms

a. the founding fathers of the line of the seed of Promise

b. Biblical creation lays out a six-day account, for the purpose of laying a pattern of work and rest for man as seen in the 10 commandments

c. the conditions man must keep to be a child of God

d. the first 5 books of the Bible, written by most likely Moses, that contain the Law of God – the Jewish name is the Torah

e. the promise to make Abraham’s descendants great, to protect them and provide land for them, and to bless the nations of the world through them – the promise of a Savior

f. the innocent for the guilty

g. the 5 Levitical sacrifices set up as a picture of the offering of the innocent for the guilty, to show thanksgiving to God, and to picture restored fellowship with the Father

h. a close relative who acted as a protector or guardian of the family rights

i. this is the consequence that man, woman and the serpent must bear as a result of sin

j. one who intercedes between a holy God and sinful man

k. a conditional covenant that says if Israel will keep the commandments of God, the God will call her His own, make her a perpetual priest to humanity and set her apart from all other nations

l. setting aside your will to do the will of another as an acknowledgement of worth

m. songs written mostly by King David – a few were written by Solomon and Moses, as well

n. agreement Jesus Christ made within the Godhead that agreed to redeem His children from sin by dying and bearing God’s wrath. In return, God would give Him a people of His own, would raise Him from the dead and would place the nations of the world at His feet

o. what is it?

p. the promise of God that David’s descendants would have an everlasting kingdom and that they would be sons of God

q. wrestles with God/one who perseveres with God

r. promise

s. promise God made to never destroy the whole earth with water again

t. the oldest of all festivals – it is in remembrance of the angel of Death passing over the households which were protected by the blood of the Lamb

u. tent of dwelling

v. the time period when Israel returned to the Promised Land and battled the Canaanites to possess the land

w. a unique leader raised up by God to preserve His people against their enemies – “deliverers” or “saviors”

x. agreement between God and man that God would provide life to man in return for perfect obedience


  1. This is good kristen. I'm going to copy this and put it in my notes. Easy timeline.

  2. Awesome! I did better than I thought!

  3. Can't wait to get back onto the study. This is good review!