Monday, December 26, 2011

More Baby Pics

I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here are some very overdue pictures of our precious babies! Grandma and Grandpa Moeller got them these outfits for Christmas and I think they could just live out the rest of their lives in cute!

Here's our little Norah - always a big smile to share. She has some soul in her - whenever music is playing, she is moving to the beat...

And then there's Ashley - this is a bit more stoic than usual, but she's still the more sober one. You can see in the next picture why she was so serious...

It's hard to do a photo shoot when you're so the way, my daughter, Alex, shot all of these. My girls are really into photography! It is amazing how the right tools can produce such wonderful memories. Don't get me wrong - they all have nice cameras, but they have great instincts with the pictures, as well. Alex went to Meijer and bought a black shower curtain to be the backdrop for these pictures...brilliant!

How big is Norah? And now we have the answer...

I think Ashley looks like her cousin Michael here. There is something in the mouth - the smile that is similar...for those of you who know him, I am sure you'll agree.

Alex can't be with the girls for very long without putting a tutu on those toes!

And finally, this is the picture that Alex took for the twins' daddy for Christmas - we're starting them young!



  2. Awwww I so enjoyed looking at these pictures of your precious girls! God is so good. Brings back wonderful memories of our little granddaughters when they were babies. - Linda Lewis

  3. Love, love, love them and the pics!!! Thanks for sharing, Kristen.