Saturday, September 25, 2010

So, do you remember...

...when Dave spoke at the community forum about the value of the cross and the purpose of the church?

Do you remember the other "community leader" who shared the stage with him?

Do you remember what his particular message was?

It was that his "community" was open and inclusive of all - they would not offend anyone and they would not reject anyone. It was that everyone was welcome to join them and believe whatever they wanted to without being judged. Christians and Atheists alike. Muslims and Buddhists. Everyone was welcome and no one would be judged.

Do you remember that?

Well, today, I drove by their building (can't call it a church) and they had a sign out front that said:

"Non-judgment Day is coming - Sunday 10 AM"

Well, not to be difficult or anything, but if I were a Christian who attended that church, wouldn't this sign be offensive, seeing as judgement day would be something that my "religion" taught?

Would this "community" put up a sign that made a joke about the 12th Imam? I doubt it.

Sorry to rant, but this particular sign ticked me off...


  1. It's another example of how Christians are not supposed to say anything that may "offend" others, but are also not supposed to be offended by what others say. It's a big double standard!

  2. Does showing that they can freely offend Christians prove to the community that they are inclusive?

  3. I saw that same sign and just felt sad....

  4. I'm just curious as to what they would call the rest of the days, then? It took a lot of thought for them to come up with that sign. Have they thought of the questions it must raise in even the minds of potential seekers? God is God, and he can use even this. We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit to guide us into understanding. I truly hurt for those who try to figure it out their own way. It is so empty, and only leaves more questions than answers. I humbly thank my Lord for drawing me to him. I could have been just like that, and probably was when trying to justify my own sin. Thank you gracious Heavenly Father, and thank you Lord Jesus.