Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Full Armor of God - Helmet of Salvation

"...and take the helmet of salvation..." Ephesians 6:16

Why do motorcyclists wear helmets? How about football players? Why do moms make their children wear helmets when they ride their bikes? Why do soldiers wear helmets in battle? For that matter, why did David aim for Goliath's head?

Because the head is important enough to protect. A blow to the head can change your life forever, and in some cases it can end your life.

So, from a spiritual stand point, why is the head valuable and why is the helmet made up of...salvation?

Well, the head contains the mind, and the mind is Satan's favorite battlefield. Oh, he can go after the body, but it's in the mind where he can do the most damage in the shortest amount of time. He can pound on a body and take years off someone's life, but a well placed blow to the head can knock someone out of the game in no time flat.

Let me try to explain it this way: Have you ever doubted your salvation? Could God really love you after the things you've done? And now, you're really the same person - does salvation really change a person? Is there really a heaven and a hell? Couldn't God use many ways to get to Himself?

Have you ever wondered if the Bible was really inspired? I mean, come on, 6 days for creation? Everything around you points to an old earth, so could the Bible be wrong about creation? Did the sun really stand still for Joshua? Was Jesus really 100% God and 100% man? And the virgin birth...really?

Does the Holy Spirit really live in me, or is it possible that I'm not that bad of a person and I make better decisions than the average Joe? Does God really care about whether or not I go to church or if I give money to the church? Why would God allow sin in the first place? Didn't He realize that Jesus would have to die? Doesn't it sound rather dramatic if He really is God?


These questions all stem from doubt. Doubt that God's Word is the divine, inspired revelation of Almighty God given for sinful man.

And where does doubt reside? In the mind.

And who puts it there? Well, we definitely know that Satan loves to play mind games.

So, the mind is valuable to protect from the doubt that Satan wants to plant. That's why the helmet is made up of salvation. The foundation of our faith lies in the good news of Jesus Christ. The truth of salvation is a protection for our mind. If the basics of salvation are encompassing our mind, then doubt has no cracks to seep into.

God is holy.

Man needs a savior.

Jesus loves us and gave His life for us.

If we give our lives to Him, we can have an eternal relationship with the Father.

And the only way to solidify these facts in your mind is to immerse yourself in truth - in the Word of God. So, protect your mind by filling it with the basics of salvation. This truth will keep you humble, keep you focused on your Savior and keep you protected from the doubts of the enemy.

Remember, this is not Kristen's suggestion. It's what God's Word instructs you to put on for your own protection.

(Don't you love that picture?)

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  1. Hee hee Ho Ho....I was waiting for the comment that this little blondie with the helmet was Katherine! Love the picture!