Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modern Day Magnificat

I cannot keep silent any longer. From deep within, my soul is bursting with praise and awe for my Lord and Savior. For He has taken notice of His humble servant and because of Him, I shall be remembered as a blessed woman!

Why? you ask. Because He has done incredible things for me. Yes, for simple, lowly, humble me. And all I can do is lift high His holy name.

It’s not just for me either. For generations He has provided mercy for those who fear Him. Oh, yes, He has done mighty deeds through the ages – do you remember Babel? He scattered those people who were so very proud of their accomplishments. And do you remember the time He caused Nebuchadnezzar to crawl on all fours and eat grass? Yes, He takes rulers off their thrones and replaces them with the humble.

He fills the hungry with good things, and sends the rich away with nothing – just like His provision for young David and His discipline of King Saul.

And today, He has answered the prayers of the fathers through the ages. He has remembered His people and He has granted us mercy. And just as He promised Abraham that all the nations of the world would be blessed through Him, today He has kept that promise.

And for some reason, He decided to include me in the plan…All glory be to God.


  1. I'm not sure I can say much more than Amen!!

  2. Dane - this was a homework assignment for our study this week...just an FYI...

  3. Thanks for this...I am going to use this as part of a youth lesson on Mary as a teenage hero from the Bible.