Sunday, August 22, 2010

She Does Him Good...

...and not evil all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

Thinking a bit about husbands this week, this verse kept coming to mind. As wives, we have tremendous influence over our husbands. Influence as to how they think and process information, influence as to how they view the home, as well as influence by enhancing or tarnishing his reputation by our actions. And this influence can either be for good or for evil. It's really that simple.

Let me explain.

Thinking and processing information: we all know that when and how we share information can make all the difference in the world with our husbands. When he walks in the door after a long day at work is probably not the time to go into a lengthy discussion about your latest conversation with your mother or the problems with the computer printer. I know from personal experience that some down time is beneficial if I want to bend his ear. So I have a choice - I can set him off and wreck the evening, or I can be patient and find the right time to down load. Good or evil - it's my choice.

View the home - my mom always told me, I can make my house my husband's castle, where he feels safe, loved and in control, or I can make it a battle field, where he dreads coming to. If I choose the latter, eventually he'll find somewhere other than home to fill his needs and then we're really in trouble. Good or evil - it's my choice.

Enhancing or tarnishing his reputation - Because we are one, if I am a gossip, it reflects on him. If I am lazy, it reflects on him. If I am late, messy, rude, impatient, disorganized, hypocritical, or even stand-off-ish, it reflects on him. Does he want to be the husband of that lazy woman? Good or evil - again, it's my choice.

Ladies, we have the ability to do our husbands good or evil every single day, with our words, with our actions, with our lives. A great exercise to get things headed the right way, is to assess yourself every night when you go to bed. Just ask a simple question: Did I do him good or evil today? Be honest and after a week, see where you stand. Then purposefully make choices to do him good and not evil - make an effort to be that excellent wife God calls you to be.


  1. Oh, this is good, really good!!! Thanks

  2. kristen...this is off the subject. it's about e3exchange. what is it meant by "inclusiveness and exclusiveness"?

  3. Inclusive is the concept that you INCLUDE all and exclusive is the concept that you EXCLUDE some. Here's the problem. Today when a church promotes that it is "inclusive" it is implying that they welcome all people, from all walks of life, with all preferences AND that they won't speak into sin. For example, homosexuals are welcome to come and won't be confronted with their lifestyle, but openly embraced. That's the usual scenario.

    Now, the truth behind Christianity is that God is very INCLUSIVE. He does not consider race or gender or financial status - all are welcome to come to Him. BUT, though He accepts all, He does deal with sin. This is where Christians are considered EXCLUSIVE because though we welcome homosexuals into our churches, we will confront their sin and help them walk away from it. Same with adulterers, and liars, and theives and all sinners. Our call is not to embrace sin, but to help free the sinner from their bondage to sin.

    That's the big deal about INCLUSIVE vs. EXCLUSIVE. C3 Exchange has opened its arms to all religions and beliefs, as well as life practices, without pointing them to the good news of Jesus Christ. That would be offensive and EXCLUSIVE. To make a claim that Jesus is the ONLY way to God, would be EXCLUSIVE of all other ways.

    But that is the message of the Bible. So, I guess we are technically EXCLUSIVE when it comes to embracing other religions.

    By being wholly INCLUSIVE, C3 Exchange is being politically correct, but they are not changing anyone's eternal destination.

    Do I need to clarify or does this make sense?

  4. thank's kristen for clarifying for me. i knew c3 exchange was open to all, but i didn't understand the terminology of the inclusive part. they are more of a "feel good" church and "you're ok, we are ok". i knew they welcomed all..gays, etc. and they feel all of that is ok...and all religion's. next can all people, of all religion's, of all back ground's , of all lifestyle's( good or bad) worship together and really get anything out of it. will they teach that God loves all no matter what? that no matter what you do or who you worship you will be ok? it's like a blanket teaching?

  5. That's a great question, Kim. You really can't teach anything in a group like that, because you might offend someone if you take a stand for anything. If you go to C3's website (and I don't recommend it) you can read some of his messages and they are very, very bad. They sing music from groups like Earth, Wind and Fire and James Taylor and have "feel good" readings about love and unity. But his messages are poison - he is a false teacher because he is doing this under the guise of being a church. It's not a church over's a gathering at best and he's leading them all down the wide road to destruction. Only the truth sets people free, and the truth is that Jesus Christ is the only way to have an eternal relationship or even an earthly relationship with God. Feeling good and doing good mean nothing. Jesus' sacrifice made a bridge between God and man, and though this man wants to diminish the cross, it was on the cross that Jesus bore the wrath of God for MY sin. I can't have a relationship with God without the cross. It's that simple.

    Thursday night should be interesting. It seems they are accepting of all people EXCEPT Christians...

  6. thank's kristen..thurs. night will be interesting. can't wait to read about it in the paper friday....i'll pray for dave...

  7. By the way, any one notice the 100% word in this verse? "All" the days of her life...not "most of" the days of her life, or "some of the days" of her life. This is a full time job...